12D TreeWelcome to the HGS Support site. This website has been created as a resource to offer a personal learning and healing environment with the goal to apply the fundamental tools necessary to access the hierogamic field, known as the HGS. HGS Support is overlit by the Guardian Host as an extension of energeticsynthesis.com. We realize that there is so much variety in the individual Ascension Stages, and in the earlier stages when we are learning to embody our inner core, recover our soul aspects, connecting to the Hieros Gamos System may be overwhelming to navigate alone. This website has been lovingly created by HGS Stewards to assist in the support of others whom are guided to connect with the HGS. Please take in only what feels right for you and discard the rest. However, we have some quick suggestions on how to begin right now. First, take a 30 day challenge with the 12D Shield and refocusing your Ego Mind and see the results you get with daily use!

The following is important information and steps to introduce you to the HGS material and provide tools to get started calibrating right away! Take this information in at your own pace, however, remain consistent and dedicated with your practice and you will experience many improvements, such as mental and emotional freedom.

The Information Presented on the HGS Support website reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timelines and Beyond) and this information is intended as support, both energetically and educationally, for Humanity. Our Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship through Unity consciousness as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and the HGS Support tools are offered as an Earth based advocacy designed for those people awakening now. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each person has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (DNA), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic E.T. Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human's to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

The Law of One comprises the necessary principles of behavior, practices and belief systems that humanity is required to learn in order to achieve spiritual freedom and sovereignty, by committing to re-educate themselves to expand consciousness into higher frequency realities that allow them to progress into the future GSF Timelines, during the Ascension Cycle. The HGS has been manifested on the earth in alignment to serve Universal Law, and to protect the soveriegnty and freedom of those individuals whom choose their intent, consent and authority with the One. 

See Guardian Mission Statement and Where Can I Start?

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