Unified Cooperation
Unified Cooperation is a GSF Behavior: Recognizing the interdependence between all living things with the desire to engender cooperation between groups and all living systems
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Observe, Discern and Accept
Practicing Meditation and developing the observer point is the critical skill which can be learned, trained and developed to discipline an unruly ego mind.
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Self Assessment
To address our core negative beliefs and core wound, we must look to the frustrations and irritations we feel in everyday life, by listening to the inner dialogue we have that is negative about ourselves, negative about others, negative about our conditions.
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Spirit of Humility
True Humility because it is a Spiritual Virtue of the Christ, protects us from unconsciously giving our consent and power to the predator realm of negative ego thoughts
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Self-ownership is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and be the exclusive controller of her or his own life, as well as body, mind, and spirit.
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The ES and HGS containers are energetic structures that exists as a living consciousness. Participating here involves, and requires, a shared objective, understanding, and commitment, while honoring diversity within that unity of purpose and intention.When new members join us we often observe that there is an initial reaction of the bodies to the frequency and intensity of the field and we hope this section will help you to balance and ease yourself into our group harmoniously.

We ask that you read and absorb the following guidelines in order to participate fully in our Unity in Diversity endeavor.

ES Member Guidelines of Conduct — Follow these as a behavior guide.

Members acknowledge the interconnectedness, interdependence and value of all components of reality and the Living God Source alive in All things. This community is an exploration template of Group Unity in Diversity existing within the Law of One.

Members agree to diligently and in all cases uphold the group/community needs before any personal agendas. Those personal agendas include any type of deception in represented identities to the community, such as falsifying names, multiple people pretending to be one person, or any type of misrepresented identity created in order to deceive the community.

Members agree that they themselves are taking personal responsibility for the direction of their own personal energies. At any moment you can choose what words and associations you will use as the filters to perceive or imply mental-emotional states. This responsibility to accountability creates mastery and when applied will allow greater freedom and empowerment to each individual.e Energetic Synthesis Community agree to uphold and ensure that every individual is treated with equal love, compassion, attention and respect. Interactions with each other are to be based within this mutuality, respect and equality.

Members agree to acknowledge that the shadow parts of the many “selves” may surface in our community interaction from time to time. These are to be thought of as great healing opportunities. We are committed to applying loving forgiveness and acceptance to all involved, while firm boundaries are placed to direct the being(s) back to "spiritually aligned" thought, action or attitude, even if we don't "feel like it".

Members agree it is our absolute responsibility as a group to choose to act with spiritual integrity at all times. There is no excuse to knowingly violate or usurp the spiritual rights of others, regardless of how they may react to you or trigger you.

Members agree to First communicate any concerns felt personally with the behavior of another person participating in this community, directly. Attempt to resolve issues as a “win-win” situation by first directly interacting with that person and voicing your “peace”. If this is not successful, mediation support from the community hosts and then finally Lisa Renee will be applied to direct conflict resolution between community members. This community belongs to “YOU” and your direct participation will ensure it becomes a living, thriving entity with an energy field that will potentially yield for each of us, much reward and evolutionary support.

Members agree that our primary purpose is to further and support our individual and Planetary Ascension by exchanging information, resources, views and support.

Members agree not to express themselves as officially representing Lisa Renee or the Energetic Synthesis Community as a whole, nor to imply such representation, unless expressly invited to do so under specific and limited circumstances.

Members agree not to attempt to solicit, manipulate or impose their personal views on each other. Attempted use of compassionate communication with applied neutrality, is presented as the opportunity to develop skill within all of our community interactions.

Members agree not to use attacking, demeaning, or name-calling types of language when disagreements arise.

Members agree not to share Lisa Renee's newsletters (Lifting Your Veil/Shifting Timelines) without attribution and a link back to the www.energeticsynthesis.com website.

Members agree not to share Lisa's forum posts or any other writings by Lisa without express and explicit permission.

Members agree not to share the writings of other community members without express permission of the author(s).

Members acknowledge that by sharing information and media in the community, such information will be available for current and future members to see. None of the community content will be shared outside the community nor will it ever be shared with 3rd parties nor advertisers. Every effort will be done to prevent advertisers in Energetic Synthesis. Deletion of any community shared material may be done so by the sharing member if so desired, understanding that Lisa and Tomás will only remove and/or delete postings and media at their personal will.

Members agree to do their best to use their personal discernment in all things and that Lisa Renee and the Energetic Synthesis Community are not to be held responsible for the results of the application of that discernment or its lack thereof.

Members agree to be responsible for their own choices and to be able to own their own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by making it their fault.

It is important to understand that ES Community does not endorse the use of drugs for consciousness exploration or recreation, due to the high risks involved of neurological hijack and bodily possession. Thus, in order to be in alignment with the objectives of the ES Community field, you must avoid taking drugs and related consciousness altering substances during spiritual study and meditations. The higher community goal is taking responsibility towards healing spiritually destructive behaviors, such as negative ego patterns and clearing addictions, as well as avoidance in participating in high risk activities that set up vulnerability for mind control, implantation and spiritual attachments. Ultimately, drugs should only be used when entirely necessary for medical conditions.

Failure to adhere to these standards will result in a warning, and if repeated, in removal from the community, according to the discernment of the Hosts, with blessings on your journey.

Further, any perceived communication exchanges that imply Internet "stalking", harassment or inappropriate behavior that threatens the community or wellbeing of any person will result in the immediate expulsion and a ban from the community.

Lisa Renee and the Hosts may decide to amend these guidelines of conduct at any time and will post any updates as and if they do occur, in a timely fashion.

Go to the Forum Area on Member Guidelines


ES Guardian Mission — Reflect on this when considering our group mission

The Energetic Synthesis Mission reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 and beyond) as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and re-educating both human and non-human's to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.


The Group Unity Vow Decree — Repeat frequently to connect to the Greater Guardian Fields our community represents

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, and Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle is demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love - We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification - The Christ Principle - as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light

Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.


Law of One Practices

Contemplate and aspire to follow as self-correction techniques:

Go to the Law of One Forum Thread

1. PRACTICE ONE: UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God.

2. PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love. As a manifestation of God’s eternal spirit of Love, one has the ability to choose to create personal freedom without harming others. Have courage to remove the obstacles of pain and fear to become embodied Love, as God’s spirit is always found within.

3. PRACTICE THREE: LOVE OTHERS – As you learn to love yourself, love others. Acknowledge the precious life force in others by holding love, reverence and respect for others. Loving others as you love yourself, is the natural state of Self Sovereignty as you give others the same reverence for their life, as you give your own life. Through practicing self-love and loving others, no approval, worth or esteem issues come into question, as all is loved equally.

4. PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE – Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings. Acknowledge the precious life force present in all of God’s creation, by holding reverence and respect for nature. Doing so restores balance and harmony to nature, and the intelligent energy of all of earth’s creations will respond to cooperate with humankind. Humans living in discord with nature create many events that are considered to be “at the mercy of” the untamed forces. As humans learn to live in harmony with earth and the nature kingdom, the natural creatures will align to be in harmony and cooperation with all inhabitants.

5. PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path, find methods to be of service to others that do not overstep personal boundaries of discernment. Being of service to others does not include consumptive modelling, such as victim-victimizer, parasitism or emotional vampirism. Being of service does not hold an ego perspective of entitlement, expectation or attachment. Practice being of service with unconditional love, and naturally flowing in the moment. The energy exchange made between participants being of service to others, amplifies and expands consciousness growth like no other method. The more you amplify the energetic field of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and gifts will be brought into your life. The more service you dedicate to Gods plan, the Law of One, the more spiritual support and spiritual presence one can exchange with God Force.

6. PRACTICE SIX: CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION – Learn to develop inner clarity and spiritual integrity by intending to develop personal consciousness and/or spiritual identity. To embody one’s spiritual identity, one’s mind must be initiated and disciplined. If the ego is in authority of the body it will repel the spiritual identity from embodiment. If the mental body creates obstacles to the spiritual identity, the spiritual identity, therefore the consciousness, will not be experienced. The first step to consciousness expansion is becoming aware of mind control and the quality content of thoughts and belief systems. The second step is to cooperate with the process of mental and physical discomfort by having patience and waiting in the void of silence. Learn to quiet the mind, sublimate the ego and be still. Once stillness, mental discipline and ego sublimation has been achieved, listen to your inner spirit to receive guidance. Inner Guidance will always lead to the process of re-education to experience continual consciousness expansion free of fear and dogma. The Inner Christos always guides one towards choosing more love and peace via consciousness expansion of the spiritual identity.

7. PRACTICE SEVEN: RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION – As one becomes more infused with the eternal love of the spiritual identity, the intelligent blueprint activates the divine purpose of being as a co-creator with God. The spiritual identity and the intelligent blueprint of divine purpose are one and the same. Clarity of purpose and direction becomes clearer and clearer as one commits to live in service to the principles of All-ONE or Christ spirit. Knowing and Living our purpose brings joy, peace and fulfillment, even when facing adversity or challenges. Once we achieve “knowing”, we are responsible for that knowing, and practice responsible co-creation with the All-One. A responsible co-creator knows all manifestations are in partnership with the All-One. We do not possess or control anything, so needs, desires and superimposing will, should be avoided. We are stewards of God Spirit to Serve Others in responsible co-creation with All-One. From this knowing, and living this principle, we are eternally free of karmic exchanges.


Practice of Mastering Relationships

Contemplate and aspire to follow as self-correction techniques

Go to Mastering Relationship Forum Threads

1. Self Responsibility – Being able to own your own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by making it their fault. Do not assume that you know anything about that person that can be judged for what you cannot see or really know, as you have not walked in their “shoes”. When feeling upset, restore balance to your heart and aura, by lovingly holding your boundaries without violating others boundaries by expecting them to resolve your conflict. Be willing and open to learn what the “real issue” is, which most of the time not what it appears to be. Going deeper and reflecting on forgiveness of yourself and others, allowing time, neutralizes the conflict. See Self-Responsibility.

2. Conservation – Being able to discern the Right Use of Action – harnesses precious time and life force energies to be more effective and impactful. Cultivate the wisdom in when to engage and learn when not to engage with others or conflicting circumstances. No person needs to justify their existence to another or to care what people think of them. Staying clear of emotional tantrums and dramas and not engaging means you do not feed the drama to escalate into chaos. Dark Forces use drama to instigate schisms and chaos between yourself and others, making us less effective and scattering our energies. Conserving energy means a stronger focus, and one becomes more effective and productive. When we learn this skill, we gain more resources, and connection with our spiritual sources. If we waste time and energy, we reach an energy threshold that cannot be increased, draining us, and therefore dissipates its positive influence. See Conservation.

3. Respond – In the moment, learn how to choose your response rather than react to life events, people and circumstances. Reaction is subconscious programming and mostly operated from preconceived ideas, fear or Mind Control. Observe your reaction and ask your body to show you the story or memory behind the reaction. As one learns to inquire about the reactions you generate , much is learned about your body consciousness and can effectively be healed and cleared from continuing the reaction. Emotional catharsis techniques ( ES Core Triad Practice includes them) help to release the story from the body so it can return to a new pattern free of the reactive pain. Choosing Forgiveness, kindness, Compassion and self-love, is all a decision one has the power to make in every moment, by choosing your response to self and others. See Respond.

4. Reverence – All beings have the right to exist and co-exist. By learning there are mutual benefits present in all relationships, and by respecting each person’s right to exist, is a demonstration of reverence for life force in all of its aspects and permutations. Avoid behaviors of criticism, presumptions, disrespectful or harmful accusations, controlling or manipulating others, giving unsolicited advice or placing demands. Live and Let Live.See Reverence.

5. Humility – By knowing your place in the Universe and the role you play, one acts in humility knowing All is a part of the God Source. All is equal in the Love of God, and no being is judged better, higher or valued more than another. By acting from humility and in spiritual service, when you are called upon to do something as an action of stewardship, even if its cleaning toilets, in humility, you accept the job given. There is no self-entitlement given in spiritual service. Entitlement is a distortion of spiritual ambition and negative ego, and if left unchecked, the rapid karmic exchange will result in a “root downfall”.See Humility.

6. Discernment – Without using ego judgment , test the personal resonance of people and events you choose to engage or exchange with, as in which is either aligned to your resonance or not aligned to your resonance, in that moment. There is no right or wrong, only personal resonance. That answer may change continually in different timelines, depending on when you ask for discernment. Learning personal discernment builds your necessary boundaries to discover what is productive and supportive for fulfilling your soul path, or not. Discernment allows for the continual productive growth and the effective use of your personal energies and focused attention. Uphold your personal boundaries by applying discernment towards all things you focus energy or attention upon. See Discernment.

7. Direct Knowing – By feeling in the moment what the energy is communicating to you, suspend linear thought and surrender mental chatter to “feeling” what you “know” in that present moment. Breathing in the moment and feeling the energy signature in the environment, will open your senses to allow the energy to give your body impressions and information without words. Higher knowing becomes present and connected with you at all times. What you “know” now, is all you will ever need. Breathe and take in what is in front of you now as “direct knowing”. Every moment in the “feeling” the direct knowing will be present. You “know” more in the “feeling”, than you mentally acknowledge yourself for. What does Now Feel Like? Let the energy and feeling respond to your heart.See Direct Knowing.

8. Surrender – By being present in the moment and surrendering to the now, judgments and future expectations of others are dissolved. Every connection or contact holds an opportunity for growth and learning, attempt to neutralize polarity thinking, by asking for the deeper meaning, the needed change or lesson of growth inherent in the circumstance. Surrendering to the now, and feeling the feelings while holding unconditional love, allows greater acceptance to neutralize painful or confusing situations. If we constrict in a “position” and hold on to defend the situation, it amplifies the negativity of the situation to be vulnerable to interference and superimposed wills. Let Go and Let God.See Surrender.

9. Be True to You – Honor your entire being and life force. Inquire and know the contents of your heart, and only really give to others what feels joyful and aligned for your person. Do not bargain or sacrifice your truth, however do not avoid tasks that build discipline of the personal character. Ask your multidimensional selves what they need to feel balanced and happy, pay attention to your energetic and physical well-being and generate love and kindness to yourself. As a loving but firm, self-parent, give generously to the inner child with acknowledgement and loving appreciation.See Be True to You.


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