Preparing the Foundation
Connecting to your inner core is suggested with these techniques.
Higher Mind Mentor
Activate the Higher Mind functions within your 5D lightbody.
HGS Calibration Steps
Here is a check list to help you move through the HGS Calibration steps.

The HGS Calibration process is required for effective HGS Session work. It is always suggested to develop a focused skill set with the ES Core Triad practices before moving on to prepare for the HGS session foundation and begin with the HGS Calibration procedure. The HGS is a living consciousness energy field and an attunement to that field will yield the highest quality of experience with the maximum spiritual support. The importance of the physical body and inner core being congruently aligned and stabilized cannot be underestimated in effective and rapid clearing in future HGS session work. Please be patient with the calibration procedures when getting acclimated to this HGS template system. Please be complete with each calibration step before continuing to the HGS Session Template.


Here is a check list to help you move through the HGS Calibration steps and to better feel the energetic alignment and inner guidance to prepare a strong foundation. First, go through each step listed in the Hieros Gamos Section for the Required Reading, Signing the Statement of Responsibility and working with Preparing the Foundation steps. 


Connect to your Inner Core (A, B, C, D):

  1. Authentically declare your Intention from your Heart, to resolve Authority issues. Defer your Ego to Serve God/Oneness
  2. Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12 D Shield Technique)
  3. From within 12 D Shield, create the Hub Handshake with Unity Vow
  4. Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free)

Foundation Overview – How to Connect to Your Inner Core:

The Energetic Synthesis Community Suggested Basic Core Technique comprises all of the below steps (a. through d.) as a daily spiritual practice whether you perform HGS session work or not. After this becomes a daily dedicated technique, the light-body foundation is firmly set to connect to your inner core and inner spirit. The foundational practice alone is extremely fortifying and strengthening to the individual with regular use.

For those entrained to this daily spiritual practice and feeling confident and strong in their core connection, focus on each item (a-d) briefly to amplify frequency, and then move to the next section to continue – Prepare for HGS Energy Session Calibration. Connecting to your inner core is suggested as follows:

My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power, fully completely and totally, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!”

Feel the presence of your energy and as you say the above declaration– feel the conviction of your inner spirit to protect and listen to your heart.or beginners, this is learning the 12 D shielding technique. For others, this is amplifying the protection of your shield with your inner focus and intent.

The Unity Vow

The Defenders of Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation, the Guardian Families, Serving the One:

From across all the multiverses I call upon my Guardian families to join me now. My unification is demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love - I sound my heart tone to you now. My energy template updated, renewed and forever perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. My Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and I endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Please sustain me in the Eternal Power of my Consecration. I have asked for Gatekeeping in order to hold my mission, my mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. My intention is Unification, the Cosmic Christ Principle, made as an energetic reality, here and now. I request the handshake to fortify my spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of my genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into my created form. I set my intention now to remember that which I AM, fully completely and totally. I state my mutual purpose as One, please resurrect all inorganic patterns to organic Living Light Now. And to that I Say, Thank God I AM the Living Eternal Light! And so it is lovingly decreed.

For those new to the Unity Vow”, repeat this command with every session to entrain your field and create the handshake hub of direct communication with Unity intelligence of the Krystal Star. When feeling the need to strengthen or amplify session communication links, repeat this Unity Vow. When proficient with regular energy session work, and by holding down the field, the Unity Vow is entrained with your nervous system, by saying Unity. This statement of intention will sufficiently activate the handshake hub to Krystal Star.

GSF Boundary Test 

From within your 12 D Shield, see the three frequencies of God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) written in language or symbol code to encrypt your 12 D shield to boundary test with the combined GSF triad of frequencies. You can state it out-loud or focus on your GSF triad of 3 Founder Flame frequencies encrypted directly into your 12 D shield. See the GSF Triad for suggested use for visual symbol code work, or simply use the written language of “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free, written in the shield itself or written on the inner screen of your forehead. This accomplishes a boundary test within your shield that is encrypting your personal field based on the resonance of these 3 flames, and only accepting communication from sources who agree to these resonances. When approached by entities, make the command “GSF” to boundary test the nature of communication. A negative entity will be disarmed or refused access to your nervous system.

Prepare for HGS Session Calibration Checklist

  • Axiatonal Alignment and Correction of Reversal Polarities in Aura
  • Reconnection of Spiritual-Energetic Communication Links
  • Set Neutral Association or Observer Point
  • Determine the Physical Body Core Stability and Apply Upgrades
  • Set Personal Space and Protected Session field in Home or Office
  • HGS Session Calibration complete

Step 1- Overview - Axiatonal Alignment

To entrain the code: Refer to the Axiatonal Alignment Chart and place palm of hands on top of Left and Right Hand Graphic.

State command:

Axiatonal Alignment 4-7-10-1-5 Left. Axiatonal Alignment 3-6-9-2-8 Right. UNIFY!

Tip: Test for a Y/N answer for code entrainment required. If yes, repeat the entrainment of the code chart in each energy session until you receive a no answer. In future session work state command “Axiatonal Alignment - Unify!” to harmonize polarity in session work. When dealing with intense density, state this command to unify the discordance between your person and the other person or energies. This nullifies any dark energy from sticking or attaching itself to your field. When one gains more energetic session experience, polarity will automatically stay in balance.

When polarity balance doesn't hold:

  • Center the hand on your midline vertical channel.
  • Tap the base of the skull from behind.
  • Make sure neither facilitator or client is upset, frustrated or excessively tired
  • Either correct neutral association to conditions or stop session

Step 2 - Reconnection of Spiritual-Energetic Communication Links

Open all Spiritual-Energetic Communication Links between God, Mental Bodies and Body Parts

  • God-Conscious Mind-Body Part
  • God-Conscious Mind-Brain-Body Part
  • God-Conscious Mind-CNS-Body Part
  • God-Conscious Mind-Spinal Cord -Body

Place your attention and focus on all above links to test any weakness or reconnections that need to be made in any of the above combinations. You may state this verbally or within your mind when first working with reconnections. The objective is to reconnect God Source Light to communicate with all pathways of your bodies and body parts. Perform an inner scan and ask your body if there are any body parts that need to be reconnected. You may get an intuition on a specific body part, i.e. liver, brain, blood, or just get the general term of reconnecting all body parts.

Consciously go through each communication link up and reconnect them all in perfect balance to communicate with God Source. Once you are made aware of these bodily connections and spiritual links, they will maintain their connection by focusing your attention there, in future HGS Session work.

Step 3- Set Neutral Association or Observer Point (Remain Non Attached to Outcome)

Healing is non-verbal and non-linear. Release the mental body from fixating and Increase Higher Perceptive Feeling by doing an inner field check list. Stay fully present in the Now moment.

Tip: Being neutral and relaxed will happen naturally as you gain experience doing HGS energy sessions. Perform these corrections when it’s difficult for you or another person to be in a relaxed state.

Step 4- Determine Physical Body Core Stability and Apply Upgrades

Is my Physical Body and Core Stabilized to Continue (Y/N)?

a. Answer is Yes, Continue to Next Step 5.

b. Answer is No, Apply corrections of Physical Matrix Reconnection (PMR) Program below.

HGS Calibration Step 4

Physical Matrix Reconnections (PMR)

  • Skeletal Structure to Bone to Cranium
  • Spinal Column to Spinal Nerves
  • Muscular to Ligament
  • Circulatory and Lymphatic System to Venous and Arterial
  • Heart to Lung, Breath to Blood to Brain barrier
  • Organ and Endocrine System
  • Immunity Matrix and Blood Chemistry Upgrade
  • Central Nervous System to Parasympathetic to Sympathetic to Vagus Nerve - Balance Triad
  • Brain Balancing Treatment

The importance of the physical body and inner core being congruently aligned and stabilized cannot be underestimated in effective and rapid clearing in future HGS session work. Please be patient with the calibration procedures when getting acclimated to this HGS template system. Please be complete with each calibration step before continuing to the HGS Session Template, Multidimensional Body Connections. When this template is calibrated and entrained within your aura, your stabilized field in balanced alignment will progress much faster with the use of this system in continued session work. Some people will already have these energetic entrainments and others will be required to further complete these calibration steps for seven days or more to be able to move to the next level of the HGS template energy session work. One must honor the pace your body is willing and able to move through these energetic corrections and upgrades. Please be patient as this process sets the foundation of strength that allows energetic and spiritual support at maximum levels. This step is to determine the stability of your physical body and if it is required to have specific physical reconnections.

If you are testing strong (Y) for stability, then skip the below and go to the next step.

If you receive a no, proceed with the immediate Physical Matrix Reconnections (PMR) list in Step 4 item b. (PMR).

Go through each item setting the upgrade for each physical body structure to strengthen and stabilize. Take your time going through this list and after the last item if you need time to integrate, lie down or rest for a few minutes and sip some water slowly. This PMR when activated is a re-circuitry support system that will generate etheric surgeons from the Hieros Gamos Network. Depending on the best time for your re-circuitry session it may happen immediately or at sleep time. You may feel dehydrated and will require more water. This is designed to maximize physical body stability and structural support.

Again, ask again the question: Is my Physical Body and Core Stabilized to Continue?

a. Answer is Yes, Continue to Next Step 5.

b. Skip c. Answer is No, STOP.

c. Apply 7 DAY Physical Matrix Reconnection Program.

Continue when YES.

If you are given option “c.”, the 7 Day Physical Matrix Reconnection Program, please follow the instructions and refer to the technique on page 44 Repeat foundational steps Connect to Inner Core and the Prepare for Session Calibration Protocol (Steps 1-4) until Body is Stabilized (with a yes response) to Open Field and Calibrated to Continue HGS Template to the next level of Multidimensional Energetic Sessions.

Step 5 - Set Personal Space and Protected Session field in Home or Office

When opening an energy session or creating a protected and clear energetic container at home for your family, it is an energetic concept to create the circle or set the space for your consciousness intention. This is called setting the grid, which is setting the personal energies in your space to create the resonant frequencies that support your physical and energetic body.

Every person has a unique energy signature, so you will want to imbue your energy and your loving heart into whatever space you are creating. This will protect you from lower density energies and create a clear and clean energetic space for your session work. When you create the space you are now the one in charge and it’s up to you to have the clarity to decide what is acceptable and be firm to enforce your boundary.


When doing Set Personal Space for session work your main objectives are:

  1. Opening the Field - Command your personal space with a clear energy container to repel dark entity manipulation and breaches of your energy field.
  2. Communicating Directly - Maximizing God Force and Light Source to amplify your ‘handshake hub” for focused session work
  3. Clearing up Shadow Elements - Setting up a Shadow Vortex to remove and clear out any debris in your environment or shadow elements that need to be cleared away from you, your client/family when doing energy work. You do not want to leave an energetic mess in the space, as it attracts astral entities. Be sure to set this portal up for efficient spiritual container clean-up
  4. Session Content and Intention - Creating the Core Soul Protection within the session work, so that any Ancestors, Past or Future Identities, Spiritual Attachments , etc., can choose to be protected and transited through the light source and energy container that you have set up with this specific purpose. This means if you encounter any kind of entity or any displaced souls, you can lead them to help through the spiritual light source of the 12 D field. Many times when clearing in energetic sessions you will come across entity attachments, traumatized souls (people who have passed their body however are still in pain or lost in the earth plane) or other spiritual energetic issues. 
  5. Closing the Field – After session content is set up or completed, be sure to close and end your session communication link. The Set Personal Space Command is in the technique section, please refer to page 41 When learning to work with setting your personal space or energetic session container, you can use the technique as a verbal command. To entrain the system code, it is suggested you become proficient with repeating the command in your space, as much as desired. When you have repeated this command to entrainment with your nervous system , the process of setting up space will become automatic and you will not need to verbally repeat the command every time. With repeated session work, you are able to mentally focus energy amplifications in the environment as you feel guided to strengthen certain areas, i.e. the portal, or other issues you are made aware of.

Step 6 HGS Calibration complete.

You have completed these processes:

  • Connecting to Your Inner Core
  • Preparation for Session Calibration to the HGS Template
  • Stabilized your Physical Body
  • Set Personal Space for Protected Session Work
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