Preparing the Foundation
Connecting to your inner core is suggested with these techniques.
Higher Mind Mentor
Activate the Higher Mind functions within your 5D lightbody.
HGS Calibration Steps
Here is a check list to help you move through the HGS Calibration steps.

awakenedIt is suggested as a new user to begin the 12 D shield process and to apply the ES Core Triad Practices in daily life to build and strengthen one's aura as well as discipline the mental body. Upon developing a confident skill set and mental focus with the ES Core Triad, the Three Steps and Daily Guidelines, then move to activate your higher mental body located in your 5D soul mind matrix body. This is to consciously participate with one's soul energies by moving the mental body "station" located in the 3D solar plexus, (which is the conscious mind personality or ego station) up to the location of one's 5D soul mental body. This meditation is to help one activate the 5D Mentor level of intelligence. This helps one to station one's awareness above the 3D ego vibration and into the 5D higher mind vibration as the beginning step to build a consciousness bridge for multidimensional perception. 

Please focus intention in meditation to activate the consciousness bridge for multidimensional perception and to shift out of your 3D ego programs. 

5D Higher Mind Integration (24 minutes)

The 5D Higher Mind Integration Meditation. Activate the Higher Mind functions within your 5D lightbody. Expand your mental field intelligence by upgrading the harmonic tone of your 3D mental body to be upgraded to the 5D Soul intelligence level. This will serve to translate information from other levels of your consciousness and support the 2009 5D planetary upgrade.

After consciously participating with the desire to prepare one's spiritual foundation by developing a skill set with the ES Core Triad, then the Higher Mind Mentor meditation, please move on to the next phase with the HGS Calibration. The HGS Calibration Manual is on the next page.



1Here you will find the guidelines for the use of the HGS Alien Implant Module (AIM). Please be sure that you have completed the HGS Required Reading, agreed to the terms of The Statement of Action and Responsibility, and undergone the appropriate steps as outlined in the HGS Calibration, including the Physical Matrix Upgrade integration, before you attempt to perform an AIM session. Many of you have been guided to be here, and so please seek to listen fully to the internal guidance carefully.

If you are needing more clarity on the nature of alien implants it is suggested that you review the Negative Alien Agenda (N.A.A.) pages on our website and review the March 2013 newsletter, Reclaiming the Christos Body.

When we understand holograms of refracted light, we can begin to understand the holographic architecture placed in the consciousness fields of the planet to bend or control the refraction of light and sound within an inorganic state of being. An inorganic state defined as a state that was artificially built by an extradimensional entity (N.A.A.) with the aim and goal of subversion, infiltration and enslavement of beings subjected underneath its realm to its own “reflection of light”. All of these Ego Filters, Collective Archetypes, Addiction Programs, Mind Control Structures, Alien Implants, are examples of inorganic refractions of holographic architecture that were artificially built in dead energy structures through frequency manipulation. This is how they were able to invade the planet without being physically seen and detected by the spiritually oppressed human masses. By superimposing these refracted light spectrums to be directed at the whim of the “controlling entity”, through its hidden agenda – the entity can create overlays of perception, overlays of identity, and this is the means of alien mind control of which has been discussed fervently many times before in this body of work.  By controlling perception of identity, one can control the consciousness of the identity and eventually through subversion of the original identity, possess the beings body and mind to become subservient to an agenda that is neither organic nor natural to the soul.

We are able to change, alter and adjust refracted light patterns through the compassionate witnessing of these patterns thereby applying pure love through our spiritual body consciousness to remove harmful frequency devices.

For these reasons the Alien Implant Module (AIM) is being released publically by the Guardians on Spring Equinox 2013 on our website under the tab Hieros Gamos. Please follow instructions on HGS calibration with patience and perseverance for the most accurate and protected support in self-clearing and applying conscious intent for positive frequency alteration. Many people have endured tremendous effort and attack beyond incredible obstacles, to bring this material forward. Please treat it responsibly and with care.

DO NOT SUBMIT TO MIND CONTROL SYSTEMS AND ALIEN IMPLANTS. You have the informed awareness and power within you to be aware and deflect these insidious and destructive behaviors and reclaim personal sovereignty.

Guidelines for Caring for the Body in Post Session work:

  1. Do not be scared or fearful. You are a loved child of God. Be a firm parent to love your inner child (the body) and take care of your body responsibly. 
  2. Drink a lot of pure water and electrolytes if required. Allow stillness and rest to aid in recovery and keep the body as calm and neutral as possible.
  3. Remove chemicals and sugar from consumed foods, eat simply and as cleanly as possible. Anti-Candida dietary guidelines are suggested.
  4. Practice ego discipline through Spiritual Self Centering.
  5. Allow yourself to see what may surface in memories, sensations or feelings without judgment. Be a compassionate witness for your body.
  6. This is a detoxification process. Support your body in gentle detoxification in any way possible. Cleanses or fasts may be extremely helpful in purging deep embeds.
  7. Frequency zapping may be extremely helpful in exploring in the process, if the body has manifested a deep parasitic problem, such as Morgellon’s.

Please note that alien implants work in the human body similarly as the chemical process of geo-engineering is used in spraying chemtrails in the skies. Alien implants are a bio-engineering technology designed to shape the human body into the submission to agendas, while chemical (nanoparticle) geo-engineering is used to control the weather by harming the ozone layer and create excessive methane gases. In both examples, when the foreign (unnatural) material is introduced to the natural body it disrupts the electromagnetic energetic balance and the homeostatic rhythm of the body. This puts the body in hyper-immunity state and/or adrenal exhaustion while fighting off the “invader”. The body develops coping mechanisms to deal with the foreign invader while extreme stress is placed on the central nervous system, brain and immune system. As with chemtrails, alien implants most generally act as a “metallic” frequency overload and exposure to impact the overall bodily energies and its auric field. Eventually this disrupts the body organism and as a result, parasites, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms become overgrown and imbalanced in the body. It is important to understand that energetic parasites (this is just one byproduct of alien implants) eventually manifest turning into a variety of physical parasites in the human body. Physical parasites impact all bodily functions, mental body functions and thought-forms, induce emotionally hysterical states, as well as promote disconnection from the inner self and spiritual energies. If the body is heavily implanted, and therefore parasitic, anti-parasitic therapy such as cleanses or fasts are highly suggested to regain energetic balance in the homeostatic organism of the entire body, mind and spirit. If you are new to cleansing please research to help inform yourself of the phases of cleansing the bodily internal organs to help you regain energetic balance and energetic health.

May God's Love continue to guide you safely through the pathway leading back to the Eternal Light of Christos.

I am God! I am Sovereign ! I am Free!


Tri FlameOn this page you will find the complete HGS Calibration Manual. The HGS Calibration process is required for effective HGS Session work in both the Client and Facilitator relationship. It is always suggested to develop a focused skill set with the ES Core Triad practices before moving on to prepare for the HGS session foundation and begin with the HGS Calibration procedure. The HGS is a living consciousness energy field and an attunement to that field will yield the highest quality of experience with the maximum spiritual support. The importance of the physical body and inner core being congruently aligned and stabilized cannot be underestimated in effective and rapid clearing in future HGS session work. Please be patient with the calibration procedures when getting acclimated to this HGS template system. Please be complete with each calibration step before continuing to the HGS Session Template, Multidimensional Body Connections through either the relationship made with a HGS Certified Mentor, HGS (ES) facilitator or performing the HGS session on yourself. At this time the Guardian host is releasing the first phase of the HGS manual to the public with only the HGS calibration procedure. It is suggested to integrate these HGS materials and develop clarity and focus with the calibration procedure to prepare for the future release of the entire HGS session template to the public. When the future release is made and the foundations and the HGS calibration have been completed, use of the entire HGS session template will expedite efficient, rapid clearing results to a multitude of issues impacting the multidimensional bodies.

When this template is calibrated and entrained within your aura, your stabilized field in balanced alignment will progress much faster with the use of this system in continued session work. Some people will already have these energetic entrainments and others will be required to further complete these calibration steps for seven days or more to be able to move to the next level of the HGS template energy session work. One must honor the pace your body is willing and able to move through these energetic corrections and upgrades. It may be wise to contact a HGS Certified Mentor to help you calibrate to move through the energetic processes.  Please be patient as this process sets the foundation of strength that allows energetic and spiritual support at maximum levels. These steps are required to determine the stability of your physical body and if it is required to have specific physical reconnections in order to smoothly initiate, absorb and integrate with the spiritual healing frequencies. All of these spiritual frequencies are sourced from one’s personal spiritual bodies, as they are being returned to the physical embodiment process of Ascension. 



HGS Calibration

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