Decoding the Mental Map
The Coherence and strength of our mental framework or schema, is what defines the ways we are able to perceive new information and knowledge.
Ego Mountain
We conquer the mountain of Ego when we study ourselves and understand how the negative ego really works.
Pain Body
The Pain Body creates Walls of Separation. When that pain is cleared it allows you to see the connection that exists inside everything.

wind2These are two vulnerabilities that often come hand in hand with Trauma.  Sadly both of these vulnerabilities are well understood and capitalized upon by dark forces that do not want humanity to be free. The focus of this article is to drill down a bit further, to understand how to resolve these. 

Unresolved trauma can polarize our physical experience and our consciousness awareness.  When the body is caught in a cycle of hyper-arousal, the body cannot calm down or relax.  So the signals in the brain get stuck repeating "we are in danger, we are in danger" and the consciousness awareness is obligated to look for the danger.

 Survival instincts get moved to the front of the line triggering an autopilot response that increases our vision and hearing, our alertness and muscle tone, to help us got out of danger.  This creates a narrowing of bandwidth which blocks out all non-essential information until the source of danger is identified and resolved. 

This is fabulous when we are actually in danger.  But if this response is triggered when we are not in danger, or gets stuck ON, it can be very difficult to turn off.  Meaning potential dangers are all that can register to the brain and nervous system caught in this cycle.  The environment may be 100% safe, yet the brain and nervous system are still being fed a false signal, that danger is present.

This type of trauma response moves our life experience way over to the extreme pole of suffering.  For many resolving the trauma, is done through reincorporating the opposite energy.  It depends on regaining a connection to what feels safe, to what feels good, to what feels pleasurable again. This is made very difficult when the nervous system and brain are hyper focused on assessing where the threat is coming from.  What feels good, what feels pleasurable, what feels safe are going to be categorized as non-essential in the search for a threat.  

So when the nervous system and brain are stuck in hyper-vigilance, we sometimes need someone to walk with us.  There is a saying in trauma work, you have to do the work yourself, but you can't do it alone.  Meaning a jacked up system can often begin to relax and self-regulate more quickly when doing the work with another regulated system as good company.  This shift is often accompanied by signs in the body of releasing accumulated energy through tingling, shaking, heat flushing through areas, waves of tears or laughter.  It doesn't matter what flavor the release takes, it just matters that the energy can move in all directions again, and the conscious awareness can also begin to move in any direction.  

So having compassion for people whose awareness has been hijacked by a physiological threat response that won't turn off.  Trauma is tough enough to heal, without getting caught in this type of trauma response.  This is a tough place to be and extends suffering until they can shift out of this response, for the healing to begin. 

Some traumas are just too overwhelming for anyone to deal with, and an inner split takes place, as a way to preserve life.  This is more common in early abuse, before a sense of self is developed, or in extreme abuse and torture like that carried out in Satanic Ritual Abuse, (SRA).  Fragmentation can also happen when someone is so deeply entrenched in a belief system or identity, that anything that doesn't fit into it, has to be sublimated to the unconscious storage bin, or Unconscious Mind. It is likely this type of rigidity in a person is also trauma based. 

These traumatized parts that have split off and moved outside of conscious awareness are called sub-personalities.  They are distinctly different from the main identity of the person carrying them.  If you have ever seen one come forward, the feeling is "who in the heck is this, and what have they done with the person I was just talking to?"  They come forward when a person's Pain Body is triggered or overwhelmed.  These subs or "alters" were created under extreme duress, and carry that charge or force with them.  Dark Forces can and do manipulate these aspects.  People cannot protect themselves from dark harassment, if they are unaware of the unhealed pain or sub-personalities they are holding.

These unconscious sub-personalities move to the front, like an actor on a stage, under extreme duress.  When someone is extremely triggered or overwhelmed, the sub steps in to respond.  By itself, this split is very harmful and disruptive because the Soul Fragmentation prevents the soul from fully embodying.  By keeping part of the soul separate and un-integrated, the 4-5-6 chakras cannot collect their sub-harmonics and merge into a unified Soul Matrix

This separated part can also become Consubstantial with dark forces and begin to drag the person down.  The signature of pain attracts similar energies with a similar vibration, which start to attach to this sub-personality.  These attachments then feed on the person's emotion, growing and increasing in strength. When an attachment is strong enough, has gained enough force, it can then project its thoughts as the person's thoughts.  Because these entities are connecting to a fragment of the person's soul, they can copy soul signature of the person.   

This makes it harder to discern which thoughts or impulses are self-generated, and which are impostor-generated.  And having a similar energetic signature, or sharing Imposter Spirits like; sabotage, addiction, resentment, or other VV programs, it is difficult for the person to differentiate between their own energies and those being projected from dark force Attachments.  Typically attachments at this level are low level disincarnates.  They may be from our ancestral line, or they may be stuck in an area of the earth where we live or travel. These are typically not the bigger extra-dimensional entities sent to harass us or to thwart our awakening or missions. So at this level, this is still part of our personal healing and clearing. 

When someone is under the influence of a sub-personality or alter, they typically cannot see that their behavior is related to the manipulation of pain in their subconscious. They are not aware of the influence of Dark Force Manipulation Methods taking advantage of this pain. They cannot address this vulnerability if they cannot connect the dots. When the sub or alter has moved into the background again, they often cannot account for what the sub said or did.  When they are confronted with what they did or said, if they cannot remember this is a big clue for all involved. 

Sub-personalities seem to be a blind spot in spiritual communities.  And this accounts for why people who seem spiritually aware, get taken over without ever understanding what happened. This happens to group facilitators as well, none of us are immune. So it is up to each of us to do our own clearing work and to assess as honestly as we can, what our vulnerabilities are as we move forward.  Again, the Core Triad practice is designed to help reclaim our connections to spirit and free our selves from oppression, suppression and manipulation.  If anyone feels they have either of these vulnerabilities, recommitting to the Core Triad practices, or taking 90 days to work with the Krystal Aegis is highly recommended.

Please follow this link to view or download the Krystal Aegis 

For anyone wanting to move into session work, understanding these two issues is so important.  We want to do no harm, so being able to recognize these patterns and energy signatures is helpful.  It is not suggested to do sessions with these folks when you are just beginning to use the HGS.  The HGS can certainly help get to the source of the vulnerability, to the help source and clear the pain.  But there may be more to it than that. We are going to see more of this in people so now is a good time to educate ourselves and to work with clearing tools if we haven't already. An Imposter Spirit is more than happy to take over a sub-personality, and encourage it to move to the front and cause a reaction.

When there is drama, urgency and an immediate need to take action or to fix something, it is time to take a step back.  This is when the nervous system has shifted into survival mode, distributing all of the neurochemistry needed to support a sustained battle. The body feels agitated, anxious, has trouble eating and sleeping. Thoughts revolve around impulses to defend, how to gather reinforcements and enlist others in the drama.  The person is now in the lower frequencies of 1D-2D-3D, where most of the Mind Control software is running.  And if in an imposter spirit is in charge, they are now basically in control of a body that is jacked up on adrenaline. 

Once we connect the dots to the pervasive use of SRA and Mind Control on planet, and how these energies are designed to infiltrate our thoughts and take us off course, they cease to have any control over us. Once we know what we are looking at, we no longer get upset with people around us who are acting this out. We have compassion for the conditions that created the hijack by dark forces and we recognize the force behind it, which is not the person. 

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