Decoding the Mental Map
The Coherence and strength of our mental framework or schema, is what defines the ways we are able to perceive new information and knowledge.
Ego Mountain
We conquer the mountain of Ego when we study ourselves and understand how the negative ego really works.
Pain Body
The Pain Body creates Walls of Separation. When that pain is cleared it allows you to see the connection that exists inside everything.

The head Controller Ego Archetype is based upon the Draconian hierarchal belief system originating in Orion, which is the False King of Tyranny. This is the main ideology of the Negative Aliens and their NAA to Mind Control humanity and enslave this planet to their rule through a debt slavery system which is enforced by Consumptive Modeling. Through its archetypal overlay implanted into the planetary brain, humanity has been forced to submit and worship a False Father Reptilian God through Religious Violence and salvationistic theology. This religious model was set up by the False Gods and is what feeds into the Culture of Controllers.

This negative ego archetype is represented as the angry father god that will protect you if you do his bidding and worship him or you are condemned to hell. This perfectly defines the punisher threat of emotional blackmail. Because the False King of Tyranny is the primary Reptilian Controller Archetype used to control humanity and the planet, it is these archetypal forces that are wielding his cosmic rage upon the planet as he loses control over people. Today, many young males that are influenced by this archetype playing out in the worldscape, mimic that profile as an assumed identity to feel powerful. They are generally younger males who are totally disconnected, lost in their life and are easily used for these Dark forces to unleash their anger and rage upon whomever is the near vicinity. This has been evidenced with young males randomly shooting to kill and then killing themselves with an agenda that is not even theirs. When human bodies are used as dark portals to direct these negative forces on the earth, they are unconscious, and they have no idea this Controller thought form is not directly sourcing from themselves. When people are extremely confused and lost about their own identity, they assume collective consciousness influences or someone else's identity that was projected for them to follow from previous timelines. Most of the planet's ego maniacal leaders are manipulated to play out these repeated agendas and are reinforced through this N.A.A. Controller archetype which shapes the Culture of Control.

When we understand better the dynamics of the Controller archetype, it is easier to see this role interplay that exists as an energetic exchange between the parties playing both sides of the archetype. Where there are Controllers there are Victimizers, and where there are Victimizers there are victims. This is very similar to the Master and Slave dynamic. None of these archetypes can exist without the other playing out that role, as they are the same side of the coin being played in opposing polarities.

When we want to extricate ourselves from the controlling behavior of another person, a group dynamic or the culture of Controllers, we first must study these behaviors inside our self, in our relationship with others and in the culture we are influenced. When we understand the Culture of Control, we must stop allowing these dark forces to work through us. This is the process of which we purify our minds and emotions of these thoughtforms, which helps to purify our heart, thus purifying our multiple layers of bodies and spiritual house.

What are some of the factors of Controlling behavior found in people and within the culture we are exposed to on earth?

The primary factors of wanting to have control over others, whether it's in personal, family or business relationships or in larger corporate structures that want to create revenue based consumers, (such as those operating the main Controller Pillars of Society), is to expose those people you want to control (and enslave to ideas) to cultures of Fear, Guilt, Shame and Obligation. When you look at Fear, Guilt, Shame and Obligation as adjectives, most of these are describing negative emotional states. These states are manipulated with the purpose to generate controlled thoughts that influence a person or group of people to perceive themselves to feel inadequate and/or powerless about his or her condition in life. When a person feels inadequate or powerless, he will buy a lot of material things for instant gratification to take his inner pain away temporarily. So Controller type people, and the Controllers of this earth desire to create a Culture of Control in a variety of ways in order to promote their own interests and agendas, at the great expense or harm of others. To manifest that Culture of Control, their goal is to stimulate covert, yet instinctive emotional states that trigger our deepest subconscious fears, those negative thoughts that generate guilt, shame, obligation that further instigate feelings ofinadequacy and powerlessness. The interactive part of the exchange exists between the connections made between the mental body perceptions (How we think) and the result of those thoughts that stimulate a wide range of internal negative emotions (How we translate those thoughts to emotional states). This is a direct technique of mind control, by shaping the way the mental body thinks, by pushing standardized negative thoughts through a Culture of Control into the public, this instigates a wide variety of negative emotions in those groups that they want to have control over.

Taking this further, mind control techniques are designed to initiate some form of emotional blackmail which are programmed and learned by children that grow into adulthood, as they are continually exposed to the Culture of Control. This promotes continual negative behavior that we unconsciously or consciously mimic those same negative behaviors within all of our personal and professional relationships. When people feel they are bullied, many times they will manipulate and bully others that they perceive as weaker, in order to feel better about themselves, momentarily. People that have a lot of money and assets are looked upon as wildly successful, even when they raped, pillaged, deceived, stole and hid this knowledge from the general public, in order to get that material wealth. This is the predator mind ego mentality that exists in the Culture of Controllers. If you are perceived as physically weaker or not feeding the predator agenda of corporatized machines, you are deemed worthless in society and labeled a useless eater by the Power Elite.

Ultimately, the Controllers are master manipulators and Emotional Blackmailers, that stimulate negative emotions such as fear, guilt, shame or obligation in the public to ensure that others feel afraid, obligated to give them their way or swamped by guilt or inadequacy. This is saturated in every form of imaginable marketing and media with subliminal and conscious messaging to exert some form of control over the masses. Controllers are emotional blackmailers that use threats, intimidation, doublespeak techniques in order to get what they want (at whatever cost) and use obfuscation techniques to confuse people to fully submit to them by playing into their control agenda. Most of the time people do not realize they are playing the controller game, it is manipulated without their knowledge or consent. Exerting power and control in abusive relationships is the way that abusers exert physical, sexual and other forms of abuse in order to gain and maintain control over a victim. This happens so commonly on planet earth, that it is empowering to become aware of how this actually works in the masses in order to stop playing into the control system. We can make a difference if we change how we respond and conduct ourselves within our own relationships.

The Culture of Control promotes mental manipulation styles that are designed to address different levels of demands from the group of people they are controlling based on the most effective forms of manipulating that culture. In order to get those Controller demands met, they introduce forms of emotional blackmail to get people/public to comply.

• Threats to Punish – If you don't do what I want, I will hurt you.
• Threats to Self-Punishment – If you don't do what I want, I'll hurt myself or hurt others.
• Threats of Suffering – This was mine and I allowed you to have it, it's your fault this is bad.
• Threats of Temptation – If you behave as I tell you and are good, you just may get a treat/bonus.

Living in a Culture of Control with emotional blackmail encourages the breakdown of self-worth and self-value which manifests into addictions. People that have been intimidated and told they are worthless in order to be controlled their whole life, project their self-worth onto wanting control over people and material things. Addicts often believe that being in control is how to achieve success and happiness in their life. In the Culture of Control, we are indoctrinated into this belief system at birth, we will either control others or be controlled, and many follow this rule as a survival skill and coping mechanism with life. Addictive personalities are predisposed to controlling behavior and many other destructive mental conditions. Many people are driven to control through fear impulses and live with a desperate sense of hopelessness, rather than experiencing any true meaning or fulfillment in their lives.

When we are more informed and aware about how the Culture of Control uses emotional blackmail to enslave us in the 3D earth reality, we are better equipped to create certain boundaries in order to not capitulate to bullying, victimization and emotional blackmail. Becoming more assertive in our compassionate communication supports people to not engage in power struggles, but to find neutral statements and neutral emotions in addressing the Controller type person or organization. When we are able to find neutral within, it is the first step to not allow your energy to be drained and to avoid feeding the controller system. We must develop techniques and communication skills within ourselves to resist forms of controller abuse and forms ofemotional blackmail. By strengthening personal boundaries, we better learn how to resist demands, and develop a powerful statement in order to withstand the pressure a blackmailer can place on you. Sometimes, we may have to address some form of the Controller archetype or emotional blackmailer acting upon our life. When consistently ignoring manipulation techniques, it may build up negative energy that may lead to intensification, accusations, tantrums and defamation of character. When we place boundaries and speak very clearly and neutrally, we can dissolve the tension that has been created to exert control.

How to set better boundaries immediately:

1. Learn how to use the 12D shield and protect your Lightbody.
2. Realize that low self-esteem is equal to little to no boundary setting.
3. Inquire and decide what your core values and ethics are. What do you value?
4. We cannot change others, we only can change ourselves.
5. Reflect on the consequences of actions ahead of time.
6. Let your consistent behavior and actions show boundary setting, not necessarily words.
7. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

When we conceal our true feelings it is usually because we are scared of people's reactions. The more we are grounded with our personal boundaries and values, the more we can be very clear in the ways we communicate and not feed into Controller behaviors.

(Source: Ascension Glossary - Controllers, Steps to Better Boundaries)

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