Decoding the Mental Map
The Coherence and strength of our mental framework or schema, is what defines the ways we are able to perceive new information and knowledge.
Ego Mountain
We conquer the mountain of Ego when we study ourselves and understand how the negative ego really works.
Pain Body
The Pain Body creates Walls of Separation. When that pain is cleared it allows you to see the connection that exists inside everything.

The sexual misery program is to intentionally distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual energies, therefore spiritual energies, in human beings incarnated on this planet. It is intended to create sexual predators in the human race, mostly people that have addiction issues that are easily harvested for their sexual energy. (See Golums).

The Archontic Deception Strategy is directly to inflict Sexual Misery, sexual abuse and sexual slaves on this planet, starting as early and young as possible. This means the children of earth are targeted for inflicting Sexual Misery Mind Control programming through a variety of hidden agendas, such as Genital MutilationSexual Scams, and using forms of Emotional Manipulation to get them to submit to non-consensual sexual activity or Seducer Archetype behaviors. Children are not mentally nor emotionally equipped to discern what adults true motivations are, and grow up into adults that repeat the same abuse they suffered as children.

Upon hijack of these 4D energy centers Astral PlaneFalse White Light, false Christ consciousness grids False Ascension were eventually used here to misguide human beings. The damage promoted in these centers also resulted in emotional distortions and aberrant accumulated energies in the lower bodily energy centers. This was taken advantage of by the negative aliens to splinter the Soul energies, rather than integrate and heal it, by controlling the sexual energies. By promoting distortions around the sexual act, gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent, our race descended into sexual misery and in many cases, forms of sexual slavery.

This is known as the “sexual misery program” propagated and controlled by the Moon Chain (lunar) lineages of the NAA on the earth. (These are lineages not indigenous to the earth but came through the process of invasion and deception.) These are multiple layers of architecture and mind control that have been artificially created to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human beings sexual life force, and it is a violation against the human soul. The main collection center for sexual misery is called the NRG network that is the central hub in the UK.

These actions wound the Soul Matrix body, as the trauma level in events such as rape or sexual torture, fragment the soul into near destruction. When the soul fragments from any kind of intense trauma, it shuts down the soul connection, heart connection and systematically splinters the layers of the mental bodies. If this is not healed, the soul fragments are unable to embody at all, and exist in fragments strewn across the planetary consciousness grids. The physical result is a disconnected soul from its incarnated human body. (The soul is outside the physical self, may exist in millions of fragments, rather than integrated to be embodied.) Generally a human incarnated with soul disconenction and therefore mental fragmentation through severe trauma, is used in servitude and bindings to a Satanic Force of Imposter Spirit.

During this time, there are powerful influxes of Cosmic Rays transmitting that are directly influencing all archetypes connected to the pairs of opposites and gender principles on the earth body. As these Rays are being exposed to the earth grid now, these energetic currents run through the Ley Lines and are influencing greater energetic synthesis between the bonding pairs of human and planetary DNA. The instruction set of bonding pairs is what unites polarities and manifests as energetic balance between the male energies and female energies inside of us. When we are able to hold unification of the male and female principles, this neutrality is transmitted and externally manifested as an balanced, clear, connected, healthy and peaceful person. This is important for our spiritual freedom, as one of the highest spiritual goals is to evolve our consciousness bodies to synthesize many pairs of opposites that we interact with multidimensionally, in order to alchemically transform our Lightbody to hold more powerful neutral (zero point) frequency waves.  One of the greatest tasks of achieving spiritual freedom, is to gain deeper clarity and self-awareness in facing and resolving personal patterns of sexuality. Sexual misery programming is the greatest karmic burden that has accumulated massive waste products of miasma that have been inherited to each of us through the collective human race fields on the earth. Humanity’s greatest task during the Ascension Cycle is to heal their personal emotional trauma around sexual pain and gender wounding. These recent energetic influences entering the planet will surface these types of collective race miasmas, in the form of sexual patterns, sexual distortions, gender issues, and relationship problems. When this is addressed with compassionate witnessing, this can give us a lot of previously hidden information about how we personally relate to our sexual organs, our gender identity, and our sexual behaviors in all relationships and social settings. It will also give us details into the deeper motivations or hidden agendas of the people around us, and this may be quite surprising to even shocking. This will be a time to observe our mind and body for any automatic reactions, emotional trigger points, or hidden belief systems around personal sexuality and how we really feel about our body’s functions.  We must learn to unconditionally love, respect and accept all of our body parts and all of its biological functions.

People that are run by their unconscious mind or instinctual body, may have little to no control over their impulses at this time. They may have no comprehension of these sexual overlays running in the environment and in other people. As a result, they will unconsciously play out these impulsive behaviors in their relationships, or in the world at large. We will be able to see more people revealing their hidden attitudes or belief systems around gender roles and sexuality, while fighting for sexual causes and getting polarized and stuck in myopic and meaningless perspectives run by religious or other spiritually oppressive beliefs.  All things that are hidden must be seen and observed in order to be healed and energetically shifted in the collective.

The impacts of the bifurcation are quite powerful, which lends to experiencing both endings and beginnings simultaneously, as we come to the end of an era, we also come to the end of behaviors or relationship issues that have confused or clouded the true nature of our essential being. We must shed the old and obsolete ways of relating to ourselves and this includes redefining and healing our deepest relationships and intimacy with others. This cycle requires that we are willing to heal by being flexible enough to become even more open hearted, more vulnerable to start the next cycle of emotional growth and spiritual development. The Solar eclipses this month are powering up the energetic momentum that pushes us through a type of completion stage in our personal life-style, and this can feel like you are travelling in the massive power of the flow moving in the Universal energetic stream.  It is starting to carry you like a vehicle that is speeding up and going faster and faster. Being flung out into the stratosphere with great speed, can make one feel more vulnerable, tender and even emotionally raw, as this cycle requires a tremendous amount of emotional and mental processing of painful memories and events that surface in order to be observed.  This cycle gives us more opportunities to experience the incredible frequency elevation into new timelines. We must learn how we connect to our inner stillness, bring up our feelings of self-love and self-respect, that helps to connect us with the higher plasma frequencies that are running high frequency trinity wave architecture into the earth body. The trinity wave helps us to heal our inner schisms of polarity, and it will focus first and foremost on our most painful and deep wounds, the attacks that have been made against our sex.

As the earth body is undergoing changes in its lower spectrum of frequency dimensional bands, there is a tremendous amount of psychological and emotional collective miasma that is resonating with the 2nd dimensional purging. This is the specific energetic signature of the instinctual mind that is heavily imprinted in the energetic environment with sexual misery programming. Sexualmisery programming holds the astral power of seduction, the power of charisma, the power of lust in the material world.  This is a primitive collective consciousness field that sources deep inside the 2nd dimensional fields of the earth, and it is recorded in the instinctual body of human beings. It is primarily a field used on this earth to conjure and power up Black magic and Black magic grids. This field holds elemental fields and instinctual fields that are enmeshed together with the earth plane in matter, and it contains the intelligent field of the Baphomet principle.

The Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG) is an alien AI machined structure that is active in the United Kingdom. In order to dismantle the NRG, the various hubs feeding it from all over the planet need to be dismantled systematically, while freeing the soul enslavement of the collective consciousness of the earth humans that is used to power up these grids. This dismantling and grid rehabilitation has been transpiring with the Guardian teams since my awareness of this project in 2008.

The NRG is responsible to break apart hybridized genetics by reversing any synthesis of alchemy that happens organically between the male and female principle (electron-proton balance), as well as repelling any healing for the DNA of reverse pair bonds that are connected to nephilim DNA or based in the reptilian genetics. This is desired by the Reptilians because their human representatives on the earth have been bred as Nephilim (genetic hybrid between Oraphim and Reptilian) and thus are easy to possess and Mind Control for carrying out the negative alien agenda NAA. The Reptilians Negative Aliens do not want to heal their genetics, thereby integrate into human society as an equal, they want to rule humanity as an absolute authority as the False King of Tyranny. The Illuminati plan and the infiltrated monarchy are based within these genetically controlled factions, that are considered the royal bloodlines. Many of these royals are not human any longer, but have been partially or fully possessed by the interdimensional entities in order to make the carrying out of the agenda more convenient. The NRG is a massively complicated alien machinery that has interfered with true spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos, the union between the inner male-female principles in the original human DNA, making this embodiment nearly impossible for most human beings on the planet. We are continually working on embodying the unity template of Spiritual Marriage in No Time, in order to create the foundation for Hieros Gamos which unites the male-female consciousness units, and requires the alien bi-wave systems fail to run on the earth grids in the future Timelines. The NRG system keeps electron distortions feeding the Patriarchal Domination archetypes that are superimposed upon the males and females given power and influence over others, in the socially accepted roles of identity. This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms that split the male and female principle apart from each other. The strategies of splitting the pair bonds is outlined in the Archontic Deception Behavior. These schisms promote the Predator Mind and anti-human thinking, which is highly dysfunctional to the point it generates genetic damage in the lightbody, especially in the 2nd Chakra and 4th Chakra layer functioning where there is the 2D/4D Split. These archetypes were once creational myths that the souls could play out in the polarity game on earth, but the archetypes were synthesized into AI mind control machinery in order to become a massive source of energy food to be harvested for the controllers, especially with the use of the Victim-Victimizer software. As these archetypes became AI controlled, they were used to gain access to the human energy fields, and control people with Mind Control software, thus the person regressed into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior, losing all feelings of Empathy and spiritual connection. Spiritually abusive behaviors that disconnect people from their Soul Matrix are known as Archontic Deception Behaviors.

Primarily, this will be a time of which all gender conflicts and sexual trauma will surface to be seen, explored, and redefined to energetically transform an array of gender topics into improved clarification that is entirely new on the planet. Although many people confuse soul disconnection from sexual trauma with gender confusion or multiple gender definitions as they search to redefine a new identity, they are ultimately seeking to heal unresolved spiritual pain, and this is the first step in clarifying the diverse complexity of gender principles. Many gender topics are being redefined during this time and becoming more visible to the greater public, such as transgender, transsexual, pangender, agender and many different orientations that were previously hidden or being suppressed behind closed doors. The exploration of gender issues can make certain people extremely uncomfortable with their own sexual identity or gender role expectations, as this forces people to look at something within they had not seen before, yet, this is the necessary process to reveal what has been hidden. Many people struggle and feel shame, guilt and confusion over their impulses, whether sexual or the strong desire to dress or have a certain lifestyles outside of their expected role in a gender body. Humans have to learn to better tolerate the diversity of potentials that exist related to gender and sexual preferences and alternative ways of being. Hiding the true circumstances of who we are creates decrepit foundations for increasing deception and lying. When we can fully express the truth to others about who we are without fear of persecution, this clears misunderstandings and helps to improve communication and clarity between people. We should be supportive towards all people of any orientation to have the right to love each other peacefully, rather than be the moral watchdog focusing on whether two people of the same sex can be married to each other. Our culture promotes abhorrent violence and sexual objectification of women as the standard, yet there are outcries when two people genuinely love each other but it does not fit the religious rhetoric. This makes no sense whatsoever.

About one in five women in the United States are raped during their life, according to data released in early September 2014 by the Centers for Disease Control. Many women do not report being molested from the shame and guilt they face, so this is under reported. Another 40% experience other forms of Sexual Violence, mostly at the hands of other Americans though some suspect the rising numbers to be sourced from Islamic immigrants who have a disdain for female infidels. We get uncomfortable talking about sex because religion has clogged the workings of minds about this most essential and vulnerable subject. However, the fact is that we were created with sex and it represents the most vulnerable part of our being. So when one attacks a person’s sexuality they are attacking the deepest most vulnerable part of that person. It is an attack on a person’s Soul. In addition, any sexual violence against us at any age can terrify and shock us into a life of grief and pain that eventually lead to the shores of disease and cancer. “The homophobic, anti-women views of Judaism, compounded by the even more anti-sex ideals of Christianity, or more pointedly Roman Catholicism, poisoned with sin what was once a sacred and holy act for much of the ancient world. Religious texts, which billions claim as their holy books, are in fact violent, hate filled literature themselves, calling distinctly for the murder, not only of different cultures, but also homosexuals, rebellious children, unfaithful wives and others.'

Religious Violence and Sexual Violence is propagated by the NAA to generate Archontic Deception Behavior to meet the AD strategies used by Controllers to achieve total domination and enslavement of the human race and planet earth. NAA Religion and Sexual Misery programs meet all Top Five Archontic Deception Strategy objectives to enslave humanity.

Moloch is defined as both the receptacle battery tank and the quality of collected satanic force that intentionally promotes sexual predators that perpetrate the use Victim-Victimizer software in the form of any kind of violence and abuse, especially sexual abuse focused upon the soul capture of children. This is a Archontic Deception Behavior and strategy.

This program starts at childhood and remains as a attached Moloch software that can infect the multidimensional bodies, especially with genital implants, a device that takes sexual energy into adulthood. A child that is infected with Moloch, will grow into adulthood and in high probability, exchange roles from the victim to the victimizer to perpetuate the moloch sexual energy capture program. This is used to create Sexual Misery for the child as s/he grows into adulthood. Various levels of child abuse will exacerbate the perversion of addiction to the Moloch program into adulthood. The Moloch abuse directly results in Sexual Misery programming, where the child's sexual confusion, gender confusion, marital confusion, traumatizes the emotional body and therefore the soul, propagating abusive types of relationships, both interpersonal and intimate, based on the learned patterns of dysfunction and abuse.

The Moloch worship Mind Control is related to the Moon Chain lineages and Saturn Blood Worship who are karmically responsible for the sexual misery programs which have stolen sacred marriage and sacred sexuality away from the general population of earth. This has been greatly accomplished through the NRG network by promoting hatred, guilt and shame upon all matters related to sexuality, as well as promoting Addiction related sexual release while being fully disconnected from one's sexual partners. These behaviors are described in the Archontic Deception Behavior profile and NAA strategy for human Mind Control.

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