Decoding the Mental Map
The Coherence and strength of our mental framework or schema, is what defines the ways we are able to perceive new information and knowledge.
Ego Mountain
We conquer the mountain of Ego when we study ourselves and understand how the negative ego really works.
Pain Body
The Pain Body creates Walls of Separation. When that pain is cleared it allows you to see the connection that exists inside everything.

Primarily, this will be a time of which all gender conflicts and sexual trauma will surface to be seen, explored, and redefined to energetically transform an array of gender topics into improved clarification that is entirely new on the planet. Although many people confuse soul disconnection from sexual trauma with gender confusion or multiple gender definitions as they search to redefine a new identity, they are ultimately seeking to heal unresolved spiritual pain, and this is the first step in clarifying the diverse complexity of gender principles. Many gender topics are being redefined during this time and becoming more visible to the greater public, such as transgender, transsexual, pangender, agender and many different orientations that were previously hidden or being suppressed behind closed doors. The exploration of gender issues can make certain people extremely uncomfortable with their own sexual identity or gender role expectations, as this forces people to look at something within they had not seen before, yet, this is the necessary process to reveal what has been hidden. Many people struggle and feel shame, guilt and confusion over their impulses, whether sexual or the strong desire to dress or have a certain lifestyles outside of their expected role in a gender body. Humans have to learn to better tolerate the diversity of potentials that exist related to gender and sexual preferences and alternative ways of being. Hiding the true circumstances of who we are creates decrepit foundations for increasing deception and lying. When we can fully express the truth to others about who we are without fear of persecution, this clears misunderstandings and helps to improve communication and clarity between people. We should be supportive towards all people of any orientation to have the right to love each other peacefully, rather than be the moral watchdog focusing on whether two people of the same sex can be married to each other. Our culture promotes abhorrent violence and sexual objectification of women as the standard, yet there are outcries when two people genuinely love each other but it does not fit the religious rhetoric. This makes no sense whatsoever.

Now that this is becoming available in the planetary consciousness field, it has direct impacts to transform the embodiments and balance between the masculine and feminine energies. This will influence all relationships with a focus on partnerships, marriages, and other alternative types of unions. On this journey of deep discovery for humankind, we must learn how to become energetically balanced humans, whether in male or female bodies, we stand at an evolutionary precipice which will bring to the surface all hidden thoughts and behaviors about gender and sexuality. We must look at our history, our social memes and recognize what has happened to shape our culture as a race of people that grew into a culture of hate. As we regain the sense of what it means to live in true humanity united as a people, we will be pushed to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. We cannot be in denial of hidden deceptions operating around us, avoiding the truth without suffering great consequences. We must look at it and see it as it is. This is the only way to change the hidden hatred seeded in unconsciousness to be transformed into the force of love.

As humanity biologically evolves through the Spiritual Ascension process, there is the alchemical process of synthesizing the pairs of opposing forces within the auric (spiritual-energetic) bodies. As we come into exposure with these frequencies they activate our spiritual progress, we will naturally attract experiences, such as other people and circumstances that are designed to help us further spiritually develop. Most of these types of spiritually based experiences or relationships will push to the surface energetic imbalances, such as fears or unresolved pain and memories that exist in the mental and emotional body. This is the only way we can become aware of our inner imbalances, especially gender principle imbalances related to our ideas of Mother and Father. These issues must surface in our awareness so that we can recognize them operating inside of us in order to take responsibility for them. In making new choices, we can regain our energetic balance that is aligned to our true core essence and unify the inner masculine and feminine with unconditional love and forgiveness. If we do not understand the context of our experience with gender or our relationships as a purposed evolutionary journey, we can become stuck on obsolete co-dependent patterns and mired in looping painful issues. The experience to surface energetic imbalances is designed by the higher spiritual intelligence and not ego preferences. This means that until the ego programs are neutralized, the person's ascension pathway will be littered with suffering through mental confusion and dark manipulation from unresolved pain and emotional conflicts. This is why Ascension context coupled with negative ego clearing is highly suggested in order to experience the easiest and most harmonious progress through one's spiritual ascension. This awareness is important to apply in all relationship settings by building context that the person appearing in your life right now, is there by either divine design or ego (dark) manipulation or spiritual lessons for self-mastery.

In Ascension context, the synthesizing of the pairs of energetic opposite into unity is also referred to as polarity integration, energetic synthesis or spiritual marriage. This also has the exact same meaning when applied to gender unification which is the energetic balance between the masculine principle and feminine principle. To biologically evolve spiritually the energetic balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the self must be unified and healed. When the inner male and female are healed into energetic balance, this is called esoterically, sacred marriage or hierogamic union. The potential of hierogamic union is what births the child of the Mother and Father God within us, this is the birth of Christ Consciousness within our own heart.

Thus, every relationship we have is designed for spiritual development to open our heart and resolve our gender issues, especially now at the time of ascension, humanity is extremely impacted by the changes that have occurred to the male-female dynamic as it connects to our personal growth in many ways.

Most people are unaware that many relationships on planet today are directly attracted by the spiritual self in order to resolve past ancestral patterns, clear blockages, and integrate forces of polarity. When we do not know how to properly frame the context of our relationships we can get stuck in their painful patterns which stunts our spiritual and emotional growth. All relationships are directly designed for personal growth and spiritual expansion. At this time relationships will collapse or destruct from the energetic imbalances which apply pressure of ego needs, desires and expectations. Without this evolutionary context towards relationships, one is left confused and potentially manipulated by personal pain in destructive and unhealthy relationships. That pain is manipulated by dark forces that keep fear as the primary wound used to keep the person disempowered in destructive relationship settings. In these new energies, many destructive relationships based on deception that the dark forces use to obstruct further spiritual expansion in one or both parties will terminate. Embrace these changes if they occur as they are divine interventions to protect your heart and soul to unite with your true spiritual purpose. This action is sourced in spiritual freedom.

Consciousness is energetic intelligence which can be both undifferentiated units of qualities of energy or arranged in specific blueprints that direct or influence all matter forms. What is contained in the blueprint will govern the form (govern the body and thought-forms) and direct the intelligence and the energies associated with that blueprint. This extends to all gender principles of which are influential in all ways human beings believe is the nature of reality and the nature of male-female relationships. Those relationships have been defined by the negative alien influence of thought-forms, belief systems, identity archetypes and how those energies are directed and by whom. These anti-life energies have been purposely distorted through patriarchal domination mind control, which has severely damaged the natural balance that exists between the male and female principle. This has emotionally devastated and spiritually stunted all human beings to some extent. Some of the most traumatizing events are those painful memories from distortions existing between men and women being forced to abuse and exchange the role of victim and victimizer with each other, over and over. These gender principle distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse, sexual misery and personal torture that could occur to a race of beings. Many people feel this pain as soul crushing and there are reasons for that which is warranted from the cellular memories of hidden human history. True spiritual marriage as a part of natural biological spiritual ascension was stolen from humanity through the alien invasion, and the pain of that theft and emotional abuse has damaged many people's hearts. The heart damage, both physical and energetic, has blocked the soul's center of communication with the entire body. For this reason there is a unconscious terror in accessing the heart center because the soul wound is so painful for so many on the earth.

With this clarity it would make perfect sense that in order to change the body or heal the heart, one must first change or heal the energetic blueprint and/or spiritual plan. When we become aware of painful distortions we have the power through applied consciousness to change our energetic blueprint. This example is well understood in the field of general construction; to add another bedroom, put recessed lighting in a kitchen, to re-wire the electrical outlets, one would hire a construction crew to draw up the plans and then remodel the existing home structure to reflect those plans. If the plans are drawn up shoddy, if the workers are careless about the quality of their work, and the supervisor is without knowledge to build to the specification in the plans, the final result of the new construction can be disastrous.

Humanity has experienced the same disastrous result to their home planet by following the energetic blueprint put in place by the alien controllers. This planet is our home and it's guided by alien sociopaths using an energetic blueprint designed to harm and enslave the human race through behaviors that inflict soul damage and heart abuse. In order to change this structure, we have to recognize the alien blueprint and how the controllers capitalize on the collective fear of humanity to keep it in place. When we can recognize the fear program, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. This gives us the personal power to replace the alien blueprint with a new healthy, balanced, life affirming, and humanitarian plan for our individual selves, relationships, our families, children, communities and eventually the entire planet.

(ES Newsletter, Clarifying Gender Principles, April 2013)

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