Decoding the Mental Map
The Coherence and strength of our mental framework or schema, is what defines the ways we are able to perceive new information and knowledge.
Ego Mountain
We conquer the mountain of Ego when we study ourselves and understand how the negative ego really works.
Pain Body
The Pain Body creates Walls of Separation. When that pain is cleared it allows you to see the connection that exists inside everything.

Moloch is defined as both the receptacle battery tank and the quality of collected satanic force that intentionally promotes sexual predators that perpetrate the use Victim-Victimizer software in the form of any kind of violence and abuse, especially sexual abuse focused upon the soul capture of children. This is a Archontic Deception Behavior and strategy.

This program starts at childhood and remains as a attached Moloch software that can infect the multidimensional bodies, especially with genital implants, a device that takes sexual energy into adulthood. A child that is infected with Moloch, will grow into adulthood and in high probability, exchange roles from the victim to the victimizer to perpetuate the moloch sexual energy capture program. This is used to create Sexual Misery for the child as s/he grows into adulthood. Various levels of child abuse will exacerbate the perversion of addiction to the Moloch program into adulthood. The Moloch abuse directly results in Sexual Misery programming, where the child's sexual confusion, gender confusion, marital confusion, traumatizes the emotional body and therefore the soul, propagating abusive types of relationships, both interpersonal and intimate, based on the learned patterns of dysfunction and abuse.

The Moloch worship Mind Control is related to the Moon Chain lineages and Saturn Blood Worship who are karmically responsible for the sexual misery programs which have stolen sacred marriage and sacred sexuality away from the general population of earth. This has been greatly accomplished through the NRG network by promoting hatred, guilt and shame upon all matters related to sexuality, as well as promoting Addiction related sexual release while being fully disconnected from one's sexual partners. These behaviors are described in the Archontic Deception Behavior profile and NAA strategy for human Mind Control.

Moloch is a soul binding Satanic entity used in SRA rituals. Many times the term "Moloch" is used in the satanic ritual to collect and disperse the human beings vital energies to demonics, the spirits of Satanism. When a percentage of the human beings vital forces and spiritual energies are collected by Satanic spirits, the person is high risk for soul binding, dark manipulation and possession. See Dark Force Manipulation Methods.

Some Suggested Tools

1. Resign From Moloch Matrix

2. Consecrate your genitals as holy objects dedicated to the purposes of God/Christ

3. Practice conscious loving sexual acts and be loving and appreciative of your genitals

4. Bless all children as Children of God, claimed in the Christ or Krystal Star

5. Clear all implants or structure you become aware of

6. Send all beings bound to Moloch in SRA to Mother Arcs Aqua Portal, set up portal for this specific reason

Heartfelt gratitude for our community in being open to explore this difficult topic. Even though this is very difficult material, this shift to reveal the Moloch’s is very optimistic in that the structures of “energetic” containment are being revealed so that they can be dismantled from use. This is extremely positive news. This is a longer term awareness so just allow this information to settle and do not feel pressurized to act, this is just for your information if it indeed becomes relevant in your life.

(Ascension Glossary - Moloch)

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