Decoding the Mental Map
The Coherence and strength of our mental framework or schema, is what defines the ways we are able to perceive new information and knowledge.
Ego Mountain
We conquer the mountain of Ego when we study ourselves and understand how the negative ego really works.
Pain Body
The Pain Body creates Walls of Separation. When that pain is cleared it allows you to see the connection that exists inside everything.

Aggression is overt, often harmful, social interaction with the intention of inflicting damage, intimidation or other unpleasantness upon another individual. People may intentionally use aggression to control or bully other people, or as a result of poor Self Awareness and impulse control, and may be completely unconscious of their energies being directed aggressively towards others. Aggression is a potent pre-cursor to violence, and as such, great thoughtfulness to discipline aggression and aggressive behavior is needed to develop higher Consciousness and to adhere to the practices of the Law of One. The Guardian Host advocates and supports negative emotional clearing of the Three Layers of Ego in order to reeducate and retrain the mind away from any forms of Aggression, which is required in order to achieve higher Consciousness states of harmlessness, empathy, and Compassion. Achieving these states are emphasized through the teachings and practices of the Law of One.

The Archontic Deception Strategy uses forms of Mind Control through Victimizer Archetypes and socially conditioning people to accept aggression and violence as normal and desirable behavioral traits, especially in males. This behavioral conditioning is used in order to shape thought forms of the Predator Mind easily into the unaware public and to keep the majority of people operating at the 1D Root Chakra, the lowest frequency spectrum. Aggression is a interrelated function of the Predator Mind, which allows people expressing Aggression to be easily harnessed for entity Attachments, and Possession by dark forces of Imposter Spirits. The main Controller Pillars of Society tend to reward destructive and negative behaviors, such as forms of Aggression, in order to influence people into acting out violent states of being, which incite inner and outer violence between the people of earth, as a divide and conquer agenda.

Aggression may occur either in retaliation or without provocation. In humans, frustration due to blocked goals can cause aggression. Submissiveness may be viewed as the opposite of aggressiveness, and in a Patriarchal Domination or machismo based society, submissiveness is labeled as a female trait or sign of weakness.

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