Ascension Stages
The Ascension Stages are about the bringing down of the layers of light by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations.
The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds.
Recovering Core Self
People are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma.

Chakra Crystal Keys

The Chakra Crystal Keys (CCK) are the control Function for the actual Chakra Crystal Seed located on the vertical channel in the actual Chakra cone on the second Lightbody layer of the body's 12 Tree Grid holographic template.

The rotational spin of the Chakra Crystal Keys on the Hara Line are what control and modulate dimensional frequencies and intelligence through the Axiatonal Lines, then ultimately the Chakras and other bodily energy systems. The crystal seals grid is what governs the particle spin and levels of frequency accretion that is transduced and transmitted into the chakra itself. The rotation of the Chakra Crystal Key (or Crystal Seal) keeps identities in other dimensions in their respective time and space, and the auric layers of the body in separate dimensions. As mental bodies merge, the CCK activate. The bio-energetic mechanics of the crystal star seals greatly impact to evolve the capacity of our ability to embody higher expressions of dimensional consciousness. The HGS CCKM Module is for issues related to activating the primary Hara Chakra Crystal Keys, opening Axiatonal Lines, modulating Chakra frequency load, integrating multi-dimensional identities for DNA activation, and merkaba activation, for spiritual Ascension.


Cck 1 Red Crystal- On Hara line between Chakra 1 and 2

Cck 2 Orange Crystal - On Hara Line between Chakra 2 and 3

Cck 3 Yellow Crystal - On Hara Line between Chakra 2 and 3

Cck 4 Green Crystal - On Hara line below Chakra 4

Cck 5 Blue Crystal - On Hara line above Chakra 4

Cck 6 Indigo Crystal - On Hara line in Chakra 8 (Thymus Seed Atom)

Cck 7 Violet Crystal - On Hara line in the Center of the Brain

Cck 8 Gold Crystal- On Hara line in Earth Chakra 12, beneath the feet

Cck 9 Silver Crystal - On Hara Line between Chakra 2 and 3

Cck 10 Sapphire Crystal - In The Earth Core, Chakra 13

Cck 11 Dark Silver Crystal - On Hara lne Between Chakra 10 and 11

Cck 12 White Crystal -In Top of 12 D Pillar, the 14 Chakra

Cck 13 Aquamarine Crystal- Deep Space (Founder Controls)

Cck 14 Pale Gold - Deep Space (Founder Controls)

Cck 15 Magenta - Deep Space ( Founder Controls)

Please note our picture is for general reference as a visual guide and does not depict actual placement.

Axiatonal Lines 

Level Two Lightbody: Axiatonal Lines are the frequency lines that move throughout the Chakra Crystal Keys to form 12 Vertical Lines that run energy to the Chakras.

These 12 vertical Lines create intersection points with the Horizontal Triad Bodies in the horizontal fields that project out the Chakra cone and where the DNA manifest.Each Axiatonal Line is a corresponding dimension, chakra, chakra crystal and the Spectrum of Frequency in the Chakra Wave Spectrum colors.

Hara Line

Main vertical spiritual current column (also called the sushuma). It runs up the center of the body. This is related to the formation of the 1st of the 1st Eight Cells of the Spirit Body in the Tailbone. It is where the Hara Currents come from. And before the Hara Currents we have the Core Currents that come from the Eye of God.

  • White spiral: Pingala nadi, solar principle
  • Dark spiral: Ida nadi, lunar principle
  • Vertical Central line: sushumna nadi, neutral

Hara Center

The Hara Center is located at the navel, about two inches inwards from the skin. It is the gateway into the etheric envelope surrounding the planet. The Hara Center is the center of the etheric body where the Monad seats itself. It is about an inch in diameter and is the gateway into the ocean of life force or chi. Around the Hara Center and with it as the center there is an envelope of energy called the ‘tan tien’ or Dantien. This tan tien or dantien is a ball of etheric energy about the size of a soccer ball. It is filled from the Hara Line.

Rebuilding Pranic Tube in Hara Line

For those of us on the ascension pathway we are undergoing shifts in the architecture of our Violet Ray flame, crown chakra and our pranic tube. The prana tube runs the movement of our breath in the same direction with the central vertical channel of which our chakra cones attach at their center. Our chakras are very much designed like circular flower petals with seed crystals in its center. The crystal seed of our chakra flower is attached to the central vertical channel and the “prana”, the breath of life, runs in circular patterns throughout our vertical channel and our chakras when we are healthy and in energetic balance. When we focus on our breath through meditation we can redirect the life force in the prana tube to circulate in the central channel and vitalize these energy centers. One of the most effective ways to balance the breath through both the right and left channels of the brain center, sinus, and nasal passages is through “pranayama”alternate nostril breathing.[2]

Clear Blockages

Moving blockages from the lower energy centers and emphasis on clearing the astral body and its centers generally can bring significant relief. Focus your mind upon the natural movement of the kundalini, which starts in the back tailbone ( male principle), moves up the spine, past the neck, stops at the top lip and changes polarity moving down the front of the body ( female principle) from the top lip to the tailbone. This circular movement of energy is the “microcosmic orbit”, of which all life force moves in our central column or hara line. By focusing your mind gently in meditation on its natural circular movement , intend to move and clear blockages as you strengthen the inner pathway of the life force flow. 

Microcosmic Orbit

Practicing the Microcosmic Orbit Scanning procedure starts with breathing and focusing on the Tailbone, slowly running up the back of the spine and down the front channel, while looking for or sensing energetic weakness. When energetic weakness is found, intend to correct weakness and use mental focus to say, “Correct nadial control panel” or “correct nadial complex”. The Microcosmic orbit is the circular energetic flow moving up the spine which completes a moving circuit at the perineum. Because the spine and spinal nerves, CNS are the main control factor of every function in the body, this exercise is suggested to strengthen the energy moving in the center channel. Practice scanning for energetic weaknesses and focusing upon the main central channel, following the micro cosmic orbit path on the main energy channels, to complete and strengthen the internal energy circuit, place the tip of the tongue on the upper palate while continuing to focus on strengthening the circular movement in the main channel.

Nadial Complex

The Nadial Complex Control Panel is located at the back of the 4th Chakra in the Heart Complex on the upper level of the spinal cord. This is the location of the physical bodies "Circuitry Board Control Panel". This circuitry board's main function on the spine is to route the Neurological Messaging System that carries impulses to and from the Central Nervous System and the Brain. The entire Nadial System is the etheric blueprint of the physical body's Central Nervous System and receives its instruction set from the 4D Astral Plane Layers.

This area can be corrected and healed from receiving spiritually abusive messaging from Alien Machinery and the NAA software, such as the NRGSexual MiseryVictim-Victimizer and the Armageddon Software. This machinery is called Alien Implants and is when the Nadial Complex is receiving inorganic or harmful messaging that runs programs in the Central Nervous System and brain.

This harmful messaging gains access into the Lightbody and physical layers through the implants placed in the Gallbladder Meridian that use the Nadial Complex to bury further in the energetic layers of the Inner Aura.


It is the 4D Etheric Nadial Complex that is a final function of the upgrades governed by the Yellow Crystal Star Seal being released in the masses at a planetary level [2007]. This allows the Soul Matrix and its 4D-5D-6D frequencies to be physically embodied in the 4th Chakra which is the heart center.




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