Ascension Stages
The Ascension Stages are about the bringing down of the layers of light by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations.
The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds.
Recovering Core Self
People are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma.

As with all energy movement, human spiritual growth has developmental Ascension Stages of Expanding Consciousness which proceed spirally and are a non-linear process. In order to heal our Consciousness we must learn how to feel and develop Higher Sensory Perception. What we see frequently among our Starseeds is that many have very advanced areas of being, while also acting out unconsciously or working with some very un-evolved or digressed aspects. These digressed parts are from the lack of Negative Ego or Pain Body clearing which manifest as a low Self Awareness with even lower personal discernment which often can place one in a rather skewed trajectory on the spiritual path. Our Goal in ES is to learn the path of Polarity Integration which allows for a energetically balanced and spiritually integrated and whole being. Without self-judgment, the following may be useful as a tool for self -assessment. One can apply mental focus upon areas of self-development in order to more fully embody the inner light and access the clarity required to know true spiritual expression of purpose.

Guidelines in First Triad of Evolution Phases

This is the first triad of Spiritual Awakening, of which the life lessons are the Tests of Personal Self Mastery upon where one pays attention and focus of directing one's Consciousness. These are intended to support harmony as one develops and expands Consciousness.

  • Ask and Inquire on the Way of your Soul and its purposes.
  • Listen, learn the language of the Heart, which is the Soul Higher Sensory Perception and take action on the guidance of your Soul.
  • Develop your Inner Connection to Soul that supersedes all reliance on the External Connections or perceptions of reality, release fears of being judged by others.
  • Live a Life congruent to your Soul and is purposes, and that it serves as an example to others. Practice 12D ShieldLaw of One and GSF Behaviors.
  • Clear Negative Ego, Fears and Emotional Pain in the lower Chakra centers, become aware of the Unconscious MindInstinctual Mind and Conscious Mind functioning.
  • Practice giving Unconditional Love and Compassion to others and learn to love oneself.
  • Educate yourself about AscensionKundalini and the spiritual process of awakening one's Consciousness to help clear Ego/Personality fears that create pain and confusion around this natural process.

Soul Awakening

This is the entry into the Kundalini awakening path which leads into Soul Evolution and begins Ascension Awareness.

  • The unfolding and developing of the intellect and awareness into a greater Higher Sensory Perception or interconnectedness
  • Discontent and mental confusion over life purpose and personal life direction
  • Processing inner mental conflict, clearing emotional pain and suffering in the seeking to release the Pain Body. (Emotional healing)
  • Responding to the awareness of a greater whole, and its purpose within the group called Human Being and becoming aware of the Issues of Humanity (Developing interest in Planetary awareness or World Humanism related theory)
  • Conscious Mind learns to take control of impulses, uses mental focus to control Ego/Personality functions and move away from destructive habits (i.e. Law of Attraction)
  • Asks for Spiritual Help from God/Source seeks methods of inner communication or in prayer, meditation. Ego/Personality develops willingness to release personal will and the ego’s need for self-justification and Ego Defense Mechanisms from controlling ones life. Inspired to develop spiritual links and energetic communication through increased Self Awareness and Higher Sensory Perception to increase personal discernment and inner clarity.
  • Some people may experience a variety of what mainstream calls "paranormal" experiences that may be confusing or scary without context. This is common occurrence among StarseedsIndigos or those on the spiritual Ascension and awakening path. As humans become multidimensional they develop psychic sensitivity and may sense other energies, communications, and entities that exist in multiple dimensions. Some of these can be labeled as ghosts, guides, angels or devils, ET's and aliens. Unfortunately, the current medical-health services system refuse to acknowledge spiritual awakening as natural process of human evolution and labels its symptoms as a disease or pathological condition. Without proper Ascension context and spiritual training, persons undergoing natural spiritual awakening or Kundalini phenomena can accelerate these pathological conditions from states of terror which may lead to psychotic break.

Dropping Ego and Questioning Beliefs

This is the path of learning to Honor Divine Will over the Ego/Personality experiences of Free Will. One learns that fears and conflicts must be released to be attuned to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One which is upheld for all. This begins comprehending Group Consciousness and that requires Service to Others as aligned to the Universal Laws in order for spiritual progression to continue to develop ones Consciousness.

  • Development of Love and Heart center qualities in giving unconditional Love and Compassion to others, activation of 1st levels of the spiritual bodies ( 4-5-6 dimensional, Soul Matrix)
  • Mind focused on deeper illumination from Soul and works to achieve greater levels of illumination into beingness as the Observer Point.
  • Responding to the Awareness of issues of Multidimensional Consciousness, Awareness to a Greater whole within purposes of a Cosmic and Universal Time Matrix.
  • Mind relinquishes control to divine “illumination”, which develops from the intuitional aspects of the Soul Function as the soul becomes embodied.
  • Ego dismantling is common where a new context for the consciousness reality must be verified for the awakening individual, in order to reprogram and clear false belief systems and false ego identities that have been created. This pushes the individual to examine belief systems, social structures and their place within the larger whole.
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