Ascension Stages
The Ascension Stages are about the bringing down of the layers of light by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations.
The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds.
Recovering Core Self
People are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma.

The Higher Mind or the Mentor Field is an intelligent energy body that is activated between the Archetypal mind (5D) and Celestial Mind (6D) of the upper Soul Matrix. One level of the manifested ES Mentor band grew from the creation of the ES community field and it has taken a long time to get it to this level of stability and function. Its function is the Communication Network that allows one to communicate with Monad layers and then the Aurora Christos intelligence. The Mentor is the intelligent higher mind of the Soul that can be attuned to communicate with Monad and Christos. One cannot communicate with Monad or Christos, until the Mentor takes over from the lower Three Layers of Ego. In order to activate the Mentor field, which is the observer function, the process is in the first meditation in ES, from June 2009. One connects the Third Eye, attempts to go around the Pineal Cages, and connect the intelligent energy of the Indigo 6D stream with the 5D Blue stream at the navel area, where the false umbilicus is placed. The exercise is to activate the complete soul matrix intelligent energy function of the 5D Mentor Body. This is understanding that we are going to the celestial blueprint in 6D to unite this field with the 5D matter field, to upgrade the mental body of the human being. This is to elevate the Ego/Personality to the higher mind function of the Mentor. Most people cannot communicate in 12D yet, and the process cannot be bypassed when the predator mind of Negative Ego controls the body. This was discussed as very important to learn since November 2009, which was to shift of the 3D mind to focus to 5D, which is the Mentor body. It is the first stage of Higher self Observer Mind, which if left without integrating heart and compassionate feelings, becomes Luciferian.

Higher Mind Calibration

The HGS Calibration process includes this Higher Mind Mentor meditation on the website to help activate the Mentor in the person who is sincere in their efforts on the ascension path. A person who works regularly with HGS will be upgraded eventually to the Mentor mind, which is a function both personal and impersonal. The highest triad of the Soul intelligence has this function. The HGS energy template has the same Mentor function but it is connecting from the larger hosting of the collective field of Krystal Star. The Mentor field of Krystal Star communicates with the Mentor Mind of the person, until the person has increased communication and sensory skill levels, which are functions of the Monad and higher.

The Perceptual Bridge is critical for a person to tap into their own soul layers and connect directly into the Mentor Field, which is the access to their higher mind. Most people on the earth cannot feel or communicate or sense their mentor.  When a person has initiated into their fourth, fifth and sixth layers, these form into a trinity, when these intelligences are integrated, it merges into the complete Soul Matrix. The soul matrix is created in a trinitized form, and when this merge happens, there's another horizontal shield that is generated which forms into another layer of the consciousness body.

When the Soul body is complete, when the three layers can be stabilized within the person’s body, it connects a new function into the higher mind called the Perceptual Bridge. This means now in the physical realm, the person can perceive and work with his or her own soul, by directly experiencing the relationship and communication with the soul intelligence. It's a higher mind aspect of itself, but at the same time the person experiences it as a Mentor, as one’s higher self.

When we understand the damage that has occurred in the Astral Plane, if the fourth layer is as damaged as it is, the fifth and sixth layer cannot create the merge in the body, and cannot complete the entire body for the Soul Matrix. This state is soul fragmentation, and is common on the earth. If there's one broken sub-harmonic tone, it interrupts their Perceptual Bridge, blocking access so they cannot go to that next level of soul or monadic connection. When the light bodies are damaged, these horizontal shields are damaged, and the person is trying to connect to their soul, they cannot sense or feel it. The fourth dimensional body is the etheric Nadial Structure that connects to all of these nadis (blueprint of the CNS). It's our nerve endings that help us to perceive energies or intelligent information in the field. Without the nerve networks, without our central nervous system functioning at a level where it can connect to our soul energy receivers, it doesn't have access to the mentor intelligence. Therefore it doesn't have access to the Perceptual Bridge. It cannot bridge between this physical dimension and the soul dimension, which is the next Harmonic Universe or density two.

The Heart Brain Complex is an intelligence structure that best can be defined as the original and organic design and function of the collective human Soul and Monad matrix and its cellular memory interface with the planetary grid heart consciousness network. As a part of the mechanics of the energy structure of the many fields of consciousness, the Morphogenetic Field layers that control time and space, the heart–brain complex is a consciousness structure and architecture that has been largely dormant within the planetary body fields. It has remained dormant primarily from the genetic manipulation of the negative alien agenda and their inorganic enslavement architecture on the planet. This heart-brain complex is a part of the planetary nervous system and the nerve cells of the planetary body that directly message into and through the individual human body.

The heart-brain complex is directed through energetic receivers and transmitters through sensory and feeling levels of higher frequency consciousness. In effect the heart brain function is a synthesis between sensory feeling and non-verbal intelligence, cellular telepathy, which directs the observer consciousness within the spiritual-energetic bodies. This specific consciousness gateway is a feminine energetic principle of which its functions in the heart-brain complex has been closed, damaged and blocked in the planetary body, therefore within the collective human body, during this last dark cycle. This has been the result of collective soul and oversoul body damage, grid damage, and Phantom Matrix black holes from cataclysm and technological abuse on this planet, and therefore this impacts all forms and human bodies inhabiting the planet.

What is Expanding Consciousness? Increasing energy through the intentional connection with higher frequencies is what changes the rate of vibration. What we think and how we behave is a rate of frequency. If we change how we think and behave we raise our frequency. Access to higher frequency is how one accesses higher intelligence which are levels of higher operating sentience. Expanding Consciousness goes beyond acquiring mental knowledge in Linear Thinking and into the realm of direct cognition and higher sensory perceptual experiences. Expanding Consciousness allows one to perceive things as they really are and not what one wishes them to be. Expanding Consciousness is all about training the mind.

Expanding Consciousness means:

o increasing energy to the body, mind, heart and spirit

o increasing intelligence through non linear thinking

o increasing consciousness frequency

o increasing sentience and sensory abilities

o increasing connectivity between body functions; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

o increasing awareness of intelligent energy in all things

o increasing the connectivity of higher spiritual bodies

o increasing frequency rate of combined energetic bodies

o increasing energetic synthesis which initiates dormant DNA/RNA

o increasing health and wellbeing through homeostasis

o increasing peaceful and benevolent feelings

o decreasing energy blocks which reduce density levels in matter

o decreasing pain, addiction and suffering

o decreasing deception, lies and delusions from magical or wishful thinking

Linear thinking is the process of thought following known step-by-step progression where a response to a step must be elicited before another step is taken. (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3….) Linear thinkers put things in order as they experience them in a sequential manner, like a straight line. A straight line between two points has been the way we have been educated as the most effective way to get from one place to another. Linear thinkers see the world mostly as black and white (the polarity structure or Bi-Wave Influences). A person limited to linear thinking has mental blocks in reaching more options for resolution or reaching compromise because they cannot perceive outside a certain parameter. An example of limitation in linear thinking is the capacity to creatively problem solve an issue if the primary procedure breaks down, to find alternative ways, to inquire or ask the right question in the problem solving equation, or to find the balance point for resolution. Additionally, linear thinkers do not communicate with the consciousness inherent in living things, like the land, animals and nature. Because linear thinking is repetitious and in many situations the outcome or result never changes, this stunts higher sensory perception and suppresses consciousness. The mind gets stuck in a gear of belief and linear experience that it cannot shift out of. The more inflexible the mind, the weaker it is.

Most people perceive the external structures of reality based on information conveyed by their main senses, which is their operating sentience level. Some people have five main senses that are controlled by their Unconscious Mind functions, and others with developed Higher Sensory Perception, have accumulated more sensory ability by expanding their access into their higher mind function. If sensory information is missing, partially blocked, or misunderstood through wrong perception, people impose their semblance of linear order without the benefit of all the proper information. This is assuming something to be true and accurate while holding only the tiniest infinitesimal variable that prevents one from seeing the whole facts or larger picture. Purely linear thinking ultimately confines the intelligence to the lower aspects of mind and lower instinctual senses. Linear thinking contracts energy. Linear thinking contracts consciousness and limits expanded sensory feelings such as intuition. Thought addicted linear thinkers close down their heart and this closes down their body feeling mechanism.

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