Ascension Stages
The Ascension Stages are about the bringing down of the layers of light by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations.
The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds.
Recovering Core Self
People are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma.

The Perceptual Bridge is critical for a person to tap into their own soul layers and connect directly into the Mentor Field, which is the access to their higher mind. Most people on the earth cannot feel or communicate or sense their mentor.  When a person has initiated into their fourth, fifth and sixth layers, these form into a trinity, when these intelligences are integrated, it merges into the complete Soul Matrix. The soul matrix is created in a trinitized form, and when this merge happens, there's another horizontal shield that is generated which forms into another layer of the consciousness body.

When the Soul body is complete, when the three layers can be stabilized within the person’s body, it connects a new function into the higher mind called the Perceptual Bridge. This means now in the physical realm, the person can perceive and work with his or her own soul, by directly experiencing the relationship and communication with the soul intelligence. It's a higher mind aspect of itself, but at the same time the person experiences it as a Mentor, as one’s higher self.

When we understand the damage that has occurred in the Astral Plane, if the fourth layer is as damaged as it is, the fifth and sixth layer cannot create the merge in the body, and cannot complete the entire body for the Soul Matrix. This state is soul fragmentation, and is common on the earth. If there's one broken sub-harmonic tone, it interrupts their Perceptual Bridge, blocking access so they cannot go to that next level of soul or monadic connection. When the light bodies are damaged, these horizontal shields are damaged, and the person is trying to connect to their soul, they cannot sense or feel it. The fourth dimensional body is the etheric Nadial Structure that connects to all of these nadis (blueprint of the CNS). It's our nerve endings that help us to perceive energies or intelligent information in the field. Without the nerve networks, without our central nervous system functioning at a level where it can connect to our soul energy receivers, it doesn't have access to the mentor intelligence. Therefore it doesn't have access to the Perceptual Bridge. It cannot bridge between this physical dimension and the soul dimension, which is the next Harmonic Universe or density two.


When this body is merged and synthesized into the three layers of the soul, there is a magnetic repulsion zone that exists in between each of these horizontal triads. And so when the person starts to be activated into their solar layers of higher consciousness, it's got to get past this magnetic repulsion zone, before it can move into the next triad, into the next frequencies in the harmonic set. They are saying with most people their physical bodies are so damaged that they are unable to have that bridge experience. Without the perceptual bridge, it creates mental problems, such as with bipolar, it creates the problem in the mental body and the brain not able to process the next set of harmonic frequencies.

The brain, the nervous system, and the mental body connections, are dealing with massive levels of Mind Control and electromagnetic barrage in the energetic fields that take control over their brain impulses. People are getting onslaught of mass unconsciousness negative energies, along with the deluge of these Neural Net bio-neurological controls that the Controllers are using. The Archangel Michael matrix is one such level of control interfering with the Perceptual Bridge. Now the damage that this level of inorganic or AI frequency has perpetrated on the body, unfortunately, it has impaired access to the higher mind.

As these systems are being dismantled and taken down a part of what appears to be a core part of the template building, it is helping to create the perceptual bridge between the first triad and the second triad of consciousness. So it's understanding we've dealt with the first three levels of intelligence, the first, second and third dimension. When we have the core foundation built with that first level of the shield (1D-2D-3D), we're now going to the second triad (4D-5D-6D). In order for the soul matrix to become a triad and anchored in the physical body, this means the person's got to have 72 frequency sub-harmonics running through those layers. So they are saying we got the first 36 in there and now were working on the next base 12; the 48, 60 and 72. When we get to the 72 this is when we will have built the horizontal triad shield for the soul body. And this is about anchoring the Perceptual Bridge and creating the higher mind or the Mentor Field consciousness.

The shield at this level manifests at the heart chakra. Once this three-layer shield is Trinitized and the person can manifest this in their aura, the fourth dimensional damage in the Astral Plane cannot hold people back or spiritually oppress them any longer. The fourth dimension of our heart chakra is a major component of our lightbody function as it has the Nadial Complex. This area functions as our nerve endings that communicate into so many different layers of our spiritual bodies. When the sub-harmonics are rewoven we are able to build this perceptual bridge. So the Perceptual Bridge is being built now as a template for the earth, and this is the next part of our function with supporting the rebuilding of the Diamond Sun body template. Apparently the goal is opening and healing the nerve networks that have been damaged in the fourth dimensional level, in the heart chakra level, in the Nadial Structure level that needs to function with the Perceptual Bridge.

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