Ascension Stages
The Ascension Stages are about the bringing down of the layers of light by descending these layers into matter and anchoring them into our physical body via successive kundalini activations.
The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds.
Recovering Core Self
People are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma.

We talk a lot about setting Neutral Association or Observer Point, which is step three in the HGS Calibration process.  In some ways we could also call this non-reactivity.  How do we discipline and train ourselves, to stop reacting to Victim Victimizer programming? 

As soon as we recognize that we are taking something personally, we must be able to recognize it and work with it.  This means feeling the reaction, naming the emotion, sourcing the unresolved pain it is pointing to and working to clear it. 

If we are going to be doing sessions work, the session clarity will be lost if we are reacting to the material the HGS is showing us.  This means we are not ready to do session work.  

This is the slippery slope of Self-Assessment.  We have to be willing to be absolutely honest, to be exactly where we are and to accept who we are right now.  The days of masking or hiding or covering, for fear of being rejected must come to an end. When we are playing this game, we actually become the person that is rejecting us. We are saying to ourselves that we are not loveable and acceptable, as we are.  

For some of us the V-V program is something we turn on ourselves, which breeds self-doubt.  For some it is something we turn on others, breeding external conflicts in the environment.  Whether hitting up against superior or inferior thought forms, this is a sign that we have more work to do.  The negative ego is being enlisted to defend an illusion, which we must call out. 

Here is one way that we might assess where we are with neutrality. Does our body go into fight-flight?  Is our lower survival brain registering conflict, even if we are trying to tell ourselves that we are neutral?  What does our heart rate say, adrenal glands say, muscle tone and breathing say?  

Our autonomic nervous system works tirelessly to assess our safety and to give us extra energy when we are in danger.  All this happens below radar and is controlled by the survival or reptilian brain.  Sadly the survival brain has been targeted with Mind Control programs, like the V-V software, which means it is working overtime.  When a V-V program is running, our bodies move in 

to fight flight mode.  This is an entirely different physiological state than Neutral Observer.


The Autonomic Nervous Systems has three basic patterns, which are simplified in this stop light model.  Neutral Observer is the green zone, which means inner calm, relaxation, a slow heart rate and long easy breaths.  Our focus is not narrowed, into problem solving or defending, so there is a broad quality of perception of 360 degrees, while remaining self-aware. 

As soon as we react to something or get triggered, the physiology moves us into the yellow zone.  The body immediately transforms itself for battle, heart and respiration speed up, energy reserves are converted for swift action, the limbs have more blood flow and strength, the eyes and ears tune differently and the bandwidth of perception narrows to focus on the threat. 

Sadly this is where people say things they regret.  This is being jacked up on adrenaline and damaging trust with harsh words and aggressive behavior.  These are the conditions where reactivity can take over, if we are not disciplined. As soon as we feel ourselves react, we must step back. We do not have a 360 view we do not have self-awareness, in this state. Our first priority is to get back to green, where our body relaxes and our perception can recover from the narrow focus of a power struggle.

Learning to recognize when the body is in fight-flight, sensing the tension and readiness for action, the extra energy and fast heart rate can be helpful.  As we work the tools, the level of reaction in the body gets smaller and smaller, until we truly are able to stay in Neutral Observer, no matter what is in front of us. 

Once we are free of responding to VV programs, even when someone hurls insults at us, we will feel compassion for them.  We know who we are. We do not go into self-doubt or self-defense. We are able to accurately assess they are being caught in a programs, that their body and mind are now hijacked in yellow, which means they are not in control of themselves. Which is a painful place to be. 

please see Impulse Control, and  5 Steps to Refocusing Negative Thoughts.

The planetary body is shifting into the higher frequency band that is located in the next Harmonic Universe. The Collective Consciousness has been shifting through the layers of the higher dimensional frequency bands quite consistently, during the Ascension Cycle. However, what is happening now has a massive impact on the configuration of the construct that makes up the individual and collective mental bodies. The impact to the three lower layers of the mental body construct generates forces that create intense energetic pressure upon people’s bodies, in so that they learn to adjust their 3D ways of thinking, behaving and negative ego coping mechanisms to evolve into the higher mind. Many people may feel the pressure as they are being forced to move past old 3D identities and let go of the false self. As a result of current shifts, all people are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma. This discernment is needed to help people develop into their higher mental bodies, in so that they can align to the higher frequencies that are transmitting during the current collective consciousness shift. The planetary body is rolling up the lowest three frequency bands, 1D, 2D and 3D. This means that the lower three dimensional frequency bands will cease to exist in the same way they have on this planet. This produces a massive pressure upon the constructs that exist as the lower mental bodies, which for some people with unhealed trauma, will be felt as surges of electrical pressure on the nervous system that generates even more Mental Anxiety and physical tension. We are under a lot of pressure to recollect our Soul fragments and transform into a new and higher version of ourselves. This pressurized sensation upon our body and mind can bring up feelings of fear as we progress into facing the unknown and overcoming fears of uncertainty and self-doubt.

To build inner Coherence, and ultimately find harmony with the world as it exists now, the first major task is to improve our emotional competency. Emotional Competence refers to one's ability to express or release one's inner feelings and emotions in positive or productive ways. It allows the ease to communicate with other people, the ability to face stressful challenges without indulging in destructive behaviors, and determines one's ability to effectively and successfully self-lead and communicate in social situations. Emotional Competence is an essential social skill to recognize and interpret, including the capacity to respond positively to emotions in our selves and others. Emotional competence creates an increased energetic coherence, as well as improved health, through avoiding stress that comes as the result of suppressed emotions. It leads to improved relationships since destructive emotions are far less likely to be expressed, while appropriate communication is not avoided through unhealed fears of triggering some unwanted emotion. We all can learn to free ourselves from anger, hate, resentment, vengeance, and other destructive emotions that cause hurt and pain.

When strengthening our character, by increasing our tolerance and Compassion for others, we help to develop Emotional Competence, as well as more confidence and Self Esteem. These qualities help us to have a better understanding and interpretation of what is actually happening around us, which increases our accuracy in the Discernment of events. Negative and destructive emotions that are suppressed and hidden greatly cloud our discernment and interpretation of events in our life.

  • What emotions can you recognize and describe?
  • How well can you interpret what your emotions are telling you?
  • How successfully do you respond to emotions in yourself and others?

Without personal goals of desiring to increase our emotional competence and being honest with ourselves, we risk playing out destructive emotions in our self-talk, and when interacting with others. Unfortunately, if we do not heal our negative emotions, we will become prisoners of this inner violence, without understanding why we have been consumed in pain throughout so much of our lives. When we are prisoners of our own Inner Violence, we are in bondage to the negative behaviors that fuel levels of psychosis or neurosis. This unhealed state of inner violence leads to splitting behaviors of the Negative Ego. As a result of the bifurcation, if unhealed inner violence is still present, these uncleared negative energies create a lot of pain and suffering that commonly produce Splitting Behaviors in people. (For more tools see www.emotionalcompetency.com)

This planet is ascending into the higher frequencies of Plasma, which greatly impact the principles of Coherence. Coherence is a necessary energetic principle to understand on the Ascension path as we progress towards personal consciousness expansion. When we dismantle the old enslavement profiles from this reptilian based Controller society, each of us must make the effort to explore new models of spiritually beneficial behavior, focusing on those humanitarian traits that support individual and collective growth to help evolve spiritual advancement. As we undergo successive levels of bifurcation, this is the point where the decision framework comes in for each person. People make decisions based upon the kind of motivations, thoughts, and actions they have as general thoughtforms influencing their lifestyle.

The higher the quality of overall energy made available to a person, place or thing, the more stable and connected the personal and environmental experiences in that area become. Energetic stability increases harmonization within the overall energy available and this contributes to increased Coherence. As personal coherence increases, this increases the quality of energy that supports the higher functioning of the mind, emotions and body. When Coherence is present in the mind, emotions and body, it supports spiritual links that connect us into our higher spiritual Consciousness.

The lower the quality of overall energy available to a person, place or thing; the more unstable, disconnected, and chaotic the personal and environmental experiences in that area become. Energetic instability that is created from the loss of energy, as well as the inability to access higher frequency, contributes to the downward spiral of energetic incoherence. The functions of human thinking, human emotion and behavior, as well as the overall functioning of the physical body, will lose coherence when the frequency operating in that person is too low. As a result, all of these areas of collective human behavior are increasingly losing coherence on the earth, when they are not capable of shifting into higher frequency patterns. If we refuse to change Negative Ego behaviors or address personal emotional conflicts, these mental and emotional blockages will persist. If intense emotional conflicts are not corrected, they produce energy blockages, which further block access to higher frequency and higher consciousness.

Self Esteem is the value of a person’s worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person fell more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person’s outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling as a success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life.

One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self love is at the core of self acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God's love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trust with life.

A person who is more confident about himself, the more focused and determined the person is to aim for achieving a better state in life, regardless of whether it be for career, success, spiritual purpose, inspiration, family or personal goals. A peaceful and fulfilling life is most possible when one seeks inner truth and self knowledge while building a relationship with God and the relationship to the self. When building a relationship with the self it may mean we are taken through character building life experiences we do not prefer. We must push through our fears in order to experience the accomplishment of moving past our perceived mental limitations. If our mental limitations and/or self entitlement govern our actions, we will become stunted in our growth and fall into low self esteem. 

Before people start to consider how Self Acceptance plays a key role in the development of one’s personal character, many have forgotten that building character through having a better comprehension of one’s own Self Esteem is indeed one of the most important aspects of personality development and spiritual development. Through gaining self acceptance, we build healthy self-esteem and this supports us to make realistic goals with higher spiritual purpose, to cultivate virtues, which are strengths of character and the power of our spiritual person. In order to progress through the Ascension process, strengthening ourselves to grow into well balanced and healthy functioning people, we will need to address areas of our self-acceptance and ability to access states of forgiveness. Finding genuine self-acceptance and the ability to feel and generate actions of forgiveness towards the self and others are important to progress beyond emotional stagnation. Both are deeply entwined with each other in developing a stronger base of self-esteem and inner core. To go beyond personal issues of low self-worth, we are required to build our inner foundation which will progress us further to develop stronger character Virtues

Character Virtues

Character Virtues such as embodying the spirits of puritykindnesspatiencediligencedisciplinegenerosity all of which require great personal strength to help develop our character. It is the strength of character which allows us to more easily endure life’s challenges and deal with stressors in productive and peaceful ways. As we develop strength in our character, the virtues are powerful energetic forces which bring great harmony in one's life, filling it with great peace, comfort and joy.

Practicing Loving Kindness Meditations activate and strengthen areas of the brain and nervous system that are responsible for empathy and increased emotional intelligence. The practice always begins with developing a loving acceptance of yourself. If resistance is experienced then it indicates that feelings of unworthiness are present. The practice of loving kindness is designed to overcome any feelings of self-doubt or negativity. Once you have developed this loving kindness for yourself, then you are ready to systematically develop loving-kindness towards others.

  • Visualization – Bring to mind a mental picture that exudes loving kindness and brings warmth to your heart. Visualize yourself or the person the feeling is directed towards, returning the loving feeling to you or just the shared feeling of being joyous.
  • Through Reflection - Reflect on the highest and most positive qualities of a person you know and the acts of kindness you are aware of. Make an affirmation towards generating more of these positive qualities in yourself, more goodness and strong virtues. Reflect upon making positive statements of kindness directed to yourself, using your own words.
  • Verbally- When we speak inspiring words or phrases which contain meaning of loving kindness, they are the most effective because the subconscious mind hears your voice. Focus on an internalized mantra or meaningful phrase such as loving-kindness and God-Sovereign-Free.

When the positive feelings arise, switch from the mental focus of the exercise onto the actual emotional feeling, as it is the emotional feeling that is the primary goal. If you lose the sensation of the loving kindness, the feeling and warmth opening in your heart, return to the exercise, to bring back or strengthen the emotional feeling. When you have the loving kindness feeling in your heart, you can project that quality of frequency in all directions, north, south, east and west and 360 degrees. Connecting that emotional feeling of loving kindness into loved ones, spiritual communities, towns and countries around the world.

Self-ownership (or sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy) is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and be the exclusive controller of her or his own life, as well as body, mind, and spirit. The possibility of self ownership is destroyed through the continual deception, Mind ControlManipulation of Consent and NAA Archontic Deception Strategies that are broadcast to the masses in order to shape the anti human culture, increasing world slavery by monetizing human suffering and Human Trafficking.

To be sovereign over one's self is to be free of the control or coercion of others, to truly have the freedom to direct one's own life through Informed Consent. We extend that belief to include freedom over Self-Determination in the direction over one's consciousness which connects with the SoulSpirit and higher intelligence spiritual bodies.

Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One. The teachings of the Law of One describe the spiritual laws that govern our spiritual evolution for each dimension. It is a single philosophical system of World Humanism, which merges cosmology, science, Human Rights and spiritualism.

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